Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Trail of Tears :: essays research papers

The Trail Of TearsGloria Jahoda, the author of The Trail of Tears dialog about how Indian populations pukeped and how colour people are the ones responsible for the drop of their population. The tweed men are not responsible for the drop of the Indian population. Johoda makes all Indians sound like defenseless children. Johoda is making apologises for Indians because Indians let the livid man inquire over their lives and life style.Indians would do everything that was asked of them by the white man instead of standing up for themselves. The Choctaws were granted citizenship in the exclusion of them not living their everyday life style. Under citizenship, the tribal governing body of the Choctaws was abolished. Choctaws was given heavy fines and even jail time if the Choctaws dishonored the demands of the white man for their citizenship. Chief Moshulatubbee was shocked so he decided to quarter for congress. Mississippians took Moshulatubbee wanting to run for congress as a joke. Moshulatubbee lost. The lost started a civil warfare among the Choctaws. No matter what the Choctaws did they did not get their way. When leave Mississippi some of the Choctaws died of diseases and of hunger. So the Choctaws gave in and again let the white man take control of them.One of the presidents of the United States, Andrew Jackson went to war with Indians hopping to get rid of the Indians. Black monger was a 62-year-old Indian who detest Americans. Black monger says that American promises are empty. When ever Americans told Black Hawk that they would do something for the Indians the Americans would never do what they promised. Black Hawk decided to take the side of the British. When ever the British said they would do something for the Indians the British would eternally do what they promised. Black Hawk always carried a British ornament around his neck he respected the British a colossal deal. Andrew Jackson the president of the United States at the time came bet to face with Black Hawk. The president asked Black Hawk, why did you go to war, Black Hawk did not answer. It was said that maybe the sac chief did not project the question, but I say its just another excuse for Indians being nave and letting the Americans do what they would like with the Indians.This book educates the auditory sense on how there were brave Indians.

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