Friday, March 1, 2019

Statement of Work for Wild Wood Apartments Essay

History Wild Woods Apartments is a property circumspection company. They own around 20 different building, each of which is composed of anywhere from 10-60 different units. Each building has a lot of information to asseverate such as occupancy, leases, payments and maintenance requests and expenses. This is expected to be done by the manger on site and then they are to send a report to cooperate every quarter. Every quarter, cooperates receives the information form wholly 20 sites and has to then manage that. Doing entirely of this paper work and managing by hand or even in spreadsheets is very inefficient and wastes time. Creating a informationbase that can record and organize all of this pertinent information would champion both the managers, cooperate and even the tenants.Scope The Wild Wood Apartments informationbase lead manage leases, maintenance requests and expenses, and rent amount and payments. The information testament be kept secure and the information result only be view sufficient to those that have a need to se e it. It give cover tenants that have already paid rent and ones that are belatedly. It will in addition track when a maintenance request is submitted and when it is completed.Constraints The database will be total for managers to be able to manage a tenants rent and maintenance requests. It will instal when a maintenance request is submitted and when it was completed. It will not record the status of the maintenance order as it is being completed, or if they are waiting for supplies, etc. It will show the managers when a tenant is late on a payment but will not show the tenant with they are current or not.Objective The objective is to prepare a database for Wild Woods Apartments that can help them organize all of their properties information into one system t help streamline slightly of the work both the onsite managers have to do as well as the cooperate workers. The objective is to benefit the database record and u se all of the primary(prenominal) information in once place The objective is to be able to use the database for managers to be able to generate the quarterly reports with ease.Tasks and TimelineGathering Data This task will inhabit of gathering of current data to harness what information fields will be needed. It will also consist of a questionnaire. Time deal 2 weeksdeliverables a text with the questionnaire on it, and a list of the required data. Analyzing Data Analyze the data to produce the most efficient way to organize and display it Time portion 2 weeksDeliverable a sample layout of how the information will be used Normalization A model will be make using normal entities and relationship Time allotted 3 weeksDeliverable A diagram showing the relationships and entities Building the physical database The model will be turned into an actual RDBMS system. Time allotted 4 yearsDeliverable a schema of the databaseTesting and security test data will be entered and the system will be tested to make sure all of the rules and the security protocols are working properly. Time allotted 5 daysDeliverable A record of the tests ran and the resultsDatabase Completion and elicitation Any final changes will be made and then the database will be put on the server. The test data will be removed and the network connections will be tested. Time allotted 2.5 Weeks

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