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Airline Reservation System Essay Example for Free

Airline Reservation System Essay Airlines search results are presented in an easy-to-use Matrix that displays a vast array of travel options for you. When customers prefer a specific travel itinerary, they offer the widest range of flight options and fares. Users privacy is very important to us at Arabian Travels. With that in mind, we have established and implemented information handling practices for that we believe are consistent with the highest standards and best practices of organizations doing business. SEA Airlines have prepared a detailed privacy policy because they believe users should know as much as possible about our practices so that they can make an informed decision about the extent of our firm. 1. 2ABOUT THE PROJECT SEA Airlines is a site, which helps the flight travelers. Its mission is to offer flexible leisure travelers a quick and easy way to get better deals on airline tickets. Through partnerships with leading travel companies, it can negotiate special prices that cant be found anywhere else. The working of the project is as follows. The first page provides several links. The Home link contains several informations about the site; it provides a link to the login page. In the Login link a user have to login before ordering for tickets. An already registered user can simply type in -hisher valid username and password, and then click the Login button. But those visitors who are not registered have to go to the registration page before they login. In that page user have to enter First name, Last name, Address, Postal Code, City, Phone number, Username and password. About Us Link contains some information regarding SEA Airlines and its developers. After registration user can reserve the seats in particular flights by using the flights date and time. The user can enter the number of seats required and the details of the passengers by specifying adult or child.

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Journalism and the American Renaissance Essay -- Literature Essays Lit

Journalism and the American Renaissance      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The period in American Literature known as the American Renaissance was a time of great change in our country. It was an age of westward expansion and social conflict. Americans were divided on such volatile issues as slavery, reform and sectionalism that ultimately led to the Civil War. Emerging from this cauldron of change came the voice of a new nation - a nation with views and ideals all its own. The social, economic, technological and demographic revolution that was taking place at this time set the stage for a new era of writers. The voice of the nation found a home, first, on the pages of the newspaper. It was there that the hopes, fears and political views of Americans were represented. The newspaper united Americans by giving them a vehicle to voice their opinions and concerns. The result was a newfound spirit of solidarity that opened the door to the first great period of creative writing in America known as the American Renaissance.    The ranks of Americaà ¢s greatest imaginative writers overflow with men and women whose careers began in journalism (Fishkin 3). The birth of the penny press created hundreds of new newspapers along with jobs that authors like Walt Whitman, Ernest Hemingway and Mark Twain were eager to fill. The affect that journalism, with its respect for fact, had on the early authors of America was profound (Fishkin 4, 6). It fostered a style of writing that put truth above rhetoric and first hand knowledge above hearsay. Writing for a newspaper required that the writer be immersed in the events taking place in the world around him and report what he saw, heard and felt. It brought the writer into the realm of the everyday raw experiences of ... It was as poets and novelists that the American Renaissance writers challenged society to consider unfamiliar concepts - to move beyond their limited scope and embrace the unknown.    Works Cited Bell, Michael D. The Problem of American Realism: Studies in the Cultural History of a Literary Idea. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993. Fishkin, Shelley F. From Fact to Fiction. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1985. Lauter, Paul The Heath Anthology of American Literature. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1998. Matthiessen, F.O. American Renaissance. New York: Oxford University Press, 1941. Reynolds, David S. Beneath the American Renaissance. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1988. Robertson, Michael. Stephen Crane, Journalism and the Making of Modern American Literature. New York: Columbia University Press, 1997.   

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Copying and Simulation

Copying and simulation are two very different, yet very similar things people often misinterpret. In the process of copying, an identical clone of the original work is produced. On the other hand, the process of simulation can be defined as creating a different material with similar characteristics and a much similar output. Copying is an easy, fool proof way to create an efficient and correctly functioning piece of work, while as simulation is more complicated.Simulation, on the other hand, is much more complicated. In simulation, a much modified version of the object, one that fulfills the purpose of the initial object is created. Examples of copying are all around us. A simple example is the duplication of the DNA in a cell during the basic cellular process of mitosis. Another example is photocopying your friend's notes for an upcoming test or assignment. Another example is mass production of identical materials in a factory.Examples of simulation are more common than copying. The most basic example of simulation is the human race, where there are people possessing emotional and physical trait that are very different, yet al are able to accomplish the same tasks. All humans eat, sleep, drink and socialize, but not all them do so in the same way. Humans were also created for the same purpose, therefore meeting the criteria of simulation. Another example of simulation is various types of phones.While they all work to accomplish the same tasks, they contain different processors, and come in various shapes and sized. Copying and simulation are two valuable processes with many similarities and differences. While copying must produce an identical version of the object, simulation creates something that must only be similar in purpose and result. Copying and similar are extremely different, yet extremely similar. By Miriam-H. Raga

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Immigrant Families And The Parent Child Relationship Essay

Introduction The task of parenting is difficult for anyone. This task is even more difficult when examining immigrant families and the parent-child relationship. The population of first and second generation immigrant children in the United States grew by 51 percent between 1995 and 2014 (Child Trends, 2014, p. 3). According to the Migration Policy Institute, about 88 percent of immigrant children are born in the U.S (U.S. Census Bureau, 2014). While some immigrant children and their families are able to adjust to the United States smoothly, there is still a huge percentage of immigrant children who face a number of risks to healthy development. Immigrant children are more likely than non-immigrant children to live in families with a low socio-economic status, to have parents with low educational attainment and to have poor health (Child Trends, 2014). In addition to the risk factors that impact immigrant families, there are also dilemmas in the parent-child relationship. A major issue confront ed by immigrant children and their parents is the acculturation gap that emerges over time. Immigrant children are able to adjust relatively quickly to the new culture as a result of school and other activities. While immigrant children can quickly acquire to the values and behaviors of the host culture, studies have shown that immigrant adults retain their original culture, slowing their acculturation process (Liebkind, 1996). When the child’s adaptation exceeds that of theirShow MoreRelated Parenting Across Cultures Essay996 Words   |  4 PagesParents have their beliefs and practices when rearing their children, they share their customs and beliefs with their families to guide and support their families. Parents hope to share their practices from generation to generation, however when immigrants relocate other to countries they adapt to new ways of living (Two Parents, 2009). Immigrants relocate to provide their families with financial stability and better education. S ome immigrants face obstacles when they relocate to North America, suchRead MoreParenting and culture Essay1595 Words   |  7 Pagesof parenting styles will produce the same child development outcomes in different cultures. On the other hand, the argument for cultural specificity states that different parenting practices vary from culture to culture, and that culture ultimately determines the outcomes of child development. Each culture has specific styles of parenting that instill values on children particular to that culture. Each individual has characteristics of what their parents taught them, which gives every individualRead MoreChildren s Parents Adopt Effective Parenting Skills1720 Words   |  7 PagesResearch shows that children transition better into adolescence and adulthood, have more success, and have better psychological health when their parents adopt effective parenting skills, discipline skills, and have better psychological health (McKinney, Morse, Pastuszak, 20 16). Parents that are responsive, build a healthy and loving relationship with their children, and teach their children to obey rules, and show respect have children that express less externalizing and internalizing issues suchRead MoreA Study On The Mental Health Of Bilinguals1703 Words   |  7 PagesGermany, Sweden, and the Netherlands sought to understand whether there is a mental health advantage amongst 14-15-year-old immigrants from over 30 different countries of origin (Mood, Jonsson, and Là ¥ftman, 2016). The study administered questionnaires and tests to students from 480 schools and consisted of both immigrants and majority participants. The researchers found that immigrant youths have better mental health than the majority. This suggests that there is a correlation between policies of welfareRead MoreThe Socio Economic Attainment Of Adoptees1214 Words   |  5 Pagesadopted children from foreign countries. While there have been significant studies to provide a portrait relating to how adoptees adapt to their families, (L. Hamilton, Cheng, Powell, 2007; Hellerstedt 2008), there remains major unanswered questions related to the socio-economic attainment of adoptees. In February 2016, The Journal of Marriage and Family reports a recent study by Kevin J. A. Thomas from The Pennsylvania State University who examines the progress of adopted foreign-born studentsRead MoreIn What Ways Has Each of your Identities Contributed to How You View Yourself?946 Words   |  4 Pages My current socioeconomic status is middle class however as a young child my socioeconomic status was low income. My mother was a single parent with four children. My mother Maria was unable to further her education since she had to work to help support her family. As she became an adult and had her own family she decided to migrate to the United Stated when I was 7 years old. She wanted a different life style for her family. My mother enrolled me in school at Woodlawn Elementary. A study conductedRead MoreImmigration Parents Stand As A Newcomer Essay986 Words   |  4 Pagesthat is dramatically more diverse than previous generations (Shields, Behram, 2004). Immigrant parents bring their values, language, culture, religion, and education backgrounds to our schools, enriching our educational environments (Guo, 2012). The challenges faced by many newcomer parents regarding their children’s schooling can be daunting (Bà ©langer, Dalley, Turner, 2015). This view that immigrant parents are not necessarily equipped to accompany their children with the homework help is typifiedRead MoreParental Power And Adult Authority1473 Words   |  6 Pagesmaking in the relationship and has a continuum that ranges from parental to child control. Types of parental power indicate the methods parents use to exert their influence on the child† (Vargas, Busch-Rossnagel, Montero-Sieburth, and Villarruel, 2000) . However, a recent study found that Hispanic children who are between the ages of four and six often struggle with depression, anxiety, and somatization due to common parenting styles within Hispanic culture (Cohen, 2015). Hispanic parents tend to controlRead MoreImmigration Reform and Illegal Immigrants Essay1559 Words   |  7 Pagesillegal immigrants has become a subject that has left many people upset and angry of the view on deportation. Unfortunately at the cost of personal relationships and attachments with friends and family. Yet in 1947,Helbert Leyman hit the topic of immigration right on the head by saying,â€Å" We are a nation of immigrants. It is immigrants who brought to this land the skills of their hands and brains to make of it a beacon of opportunity and hope for all men (Messener,et al, 127).† Immigrants hands builtRead MoreAnalysis Of Two Kinds By Amy Tan1185 Words   |  5 PagesAmy Tan’s short story â€Å"Two Kinds† describes a Chinese im migrant family who hope of finding success and an overall betterment of life in America. After losing everything in China, Jing-mei’s mother, Mrs. Woo, tries as a minority house maid in the 1960s to provide all the opportunities she can for her last daughter. This short story revolves around the interactions between the Jing-mei, who desires a ordinary life, and Mrs. Woo, who seeks only the best from her daughter. The values of these two characters