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One of the Most Overlooked Solutions for 1 Page Essay Samples

One of the Most Overlooked Solutions for 1 Page Essay Samples Essay writing is just one of the most frequently made assignments students should perform. A great vocabulary will permit you to express just what you mean, as clearly and concisely as possible. Learning about APA style will be an extremely rewarding experience for you, as you're going to be in a position to reply it in all your next writing assignments. Many students think a thesis is merely a group of ideas strung together with a couple important words. As an issue of fact, it's okay to compose a one-sentence paragraph for news articles. With carefully designed slides, an individual can condense plenty of info in a straightforward way. It's important to get a topic that's specific enough that finding sources is relatively simple, but broad enough you can write many pages about it. When picking lots of paragraphs, make certain above all that your 1000-word essay structure is simple to follow organization is just one of the chief tools to interest your audience and receive an A. Again, everything is dependent on you your capacity to get the essential information, the topic you pick, etc.. Facts, Fiction and 1 Page Essay Samples On the flip side, the period of your essay may ride on your teacher's requirements. Brass is common on board naval vessels as a result of its low corrosion properties. You may also secure several discounts on our site which will help you to save some more money for future orders or anything you want to spend them on. Our customer support will gladly tell you whether there are any special offers at the present time, along with make sure you are getting the very best service our business can deliver. A great deal of services out there have pictures near their reviews. The customer will know the purchase price of the order till they place it and ensure it is definite. Moreover, as every paragraph should include a thorough explanation and example, attempt to cho ose one or two the best suited examples for each one in order to hold up your idea. When it is still over one-page long, you might want to take into account whether you're attempting to cram in too many points. Outline the principal points of your topic being careful to not select points you may have a tough time explaining in just a few sentences. By the moment you finish a really long sentence, you could have already forgotten what was at the start of it! Research is critical as it assists choose the suitable topic and compile the essential evidence required to put in your very best thoughts in the essay. Very good luck as you navigate the remainder of the semester and remember how simple it is to fake reviews. It clearly explains the topic with no poetic specifics. Next, choose the total topic you need to write about. What You Need to Know About 1 Page Essay Samples Low rates, nice discounts There isn't any need to devote all your savings, when you pay for essay. Have a look at our price calculator to determine what your perfect price for the paper is! Even should you need to purchase research paper done in 6 hours, you can depend on us. If you wish to get a research paper, online writing service like ours is precisely what you demand. There's, obviously, a limit on the range of pages even our finest writers can produce with a pressing deadline, but usually, we figure out how to satisfy all the clients seeking urgent assistance. Many countries are currently moving away from different types of government and embracing federalism. You should have your reasons, and our primary concern is that you find yourself getting a great grade. The very best example of a nation that has adopted federalism is the usa. Should you need any essay help, you could always write us. Don't forget, research is the thing that makes an essay stick out among other essays. Ignore the reviews and actually speak to the writers before you take advantage of an essay writing service. Before you're prepared to go public with your essay you may want to demonstrate your work to a couple of your pals. The rules for good a superior essay are the same. It's hard to select a service to purchase your essay from. Let's say you should purchase essay for college. You can't work out how to compose a 1000-word essay when you haven't decided what kind of essay you will need.

Strength and Conditioning Facilities Research Paper Topics

Strength and Conditioning Facilities Research Paper TopicsStrength and conditioning facilities research paper topics are one of the most important aspects of any physical fitness program. Most programs in this area take a wide spectrum of forms, from the up and coming programs that just began to gain popularity to well-established programs that are generally run by the top professionals in the field. These different programs require a variety of approaches.Some programs operate on a 'pure' level, that is an extremely long and intense session of training focused on more strength and conditioning exercises and lower body movements. Some of these programs are aimed at correcting weaknesses, improving the ability to perform strength-based activities, and building up functional movement skills. In some cases, these programs can be a means to move into other areas of strength and conditioning such as medicine ball training, power lifting, resistance training, and yoga.More often than not, strength and conditioning facility research paper topics focus on teaching the benefits of strength-based exercises and functional movements. By doing so, it helps to focus the mind and the body, thus resulting in greater balance. Many programs in this area also teach techniques for combining specific exercises for maximum benefit.Strength and conditioning facilities research paper topics can be very difficult to write on. First of all, the type of person writing them must be both knowledgeable about strength training and know exactly what exercises they need to do to address their needs. Not only should the exercises be done correctly but the space available at the facility must be adequate enough to accommodate a large number of exercises.Moreover, a good study should include a description of the individual in question and a description of the routine strength and conditioning program that they are going to follow. After all, it is the researcher's goal to find out what works for this individual. The details of the research need to be carefully planned out so that the results can be evaluated objectively by other fitness professionals orresearch assistants.The specific strength training program should be explained to the person doing the research. The goals of the program should be clearly outlined. The specific tone and techniques used should be discussed so that the person doing the research paper understands the purpose of the project and will be motivated to continue participating in the study for the entire duration of the period.Part of the success of a strength and conditioning facilities research paper topics is the knowledge about the person involved in the research. An understanding of their goals and the fundamentals of strength training, core stability, and body mechanics is necessary. To that end, many studies incorporate written questions that test knowledge of strength training basics and may need to be taken several times throughout the durat ion of the research period.The last thing that can help to motivate people to participate in a strength and conditioning facilities research paper topics is motivation. A reason for doing the research is always required. People are usually given incentive to continue participating, either in monetary value or in the form of incentives such as gift certificates.

Essay Topics For An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge

Essay Topics For An Occurrence At Owl Creek BridgeThere are many essay topics for an occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. First, there is the color of the bridge. This is one of the biggest topics that needs to be in a good focus since it is something that everyone looks at. Since there are so many colors to choose from, there are many things to consider about that and how the people will respond to your topic.The different colors are basically a matter of preference, and each person who sees the bridge has a preference. One of the most common ones is the green color. Green is definitely the most popular color, but there are other colors that can also be used. While a few people like the color of the bridge to be completely green, most people prefer it to be something more to their liking.Once you have chosen the color that you would like to see, there are some other options for the topic. One is that it is an event or something that happened at the bridge that was newsworthy. That is goi ng to be one of the big factors for the kind of topic that you want to use, since there are going to be a lot of people who are going to see this on TV.There are also topics for the bridge that deal with the history of the bridge, which is something that people really like to discuss when there is an event at the bridge. History can be something that can be informative to those who are doing the topic, but there is a downside. Some people do not like to talk about a lot of things that happened in the past and they hate to talk about things that happened to people back then. This is something that you need to consider when using an essay topic for an occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.One more topic that you can use for an occurrence at the bridge is one that deals with your favorite team. Since there are so many people who love sports, there are a lot of people who do not like to talk about the things that happened in the past when people did not watch sports. Instead, people love to ta lk about what they love about the game, their favorite player, or the things that they enjoy about that sport.Some of the most important essays that are sent to colleges are the essays that deal with events that were very exciting. This is something that people would like to talk about, but people really do not like to talk about something that they do not like. The excitement of something can be one of the best subjects for an essay topic at Owl Creek Bridge. Something that is very exciting can draw in a lot of attention, so if you choose an interesting topic, there are not too many people who will not be interested in it.There are many essay topics for an occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. If you are having difficulty choosing one, consider what is happening in the world right now. Is it going to be the most exciting thing that happens in the world? Or are there things that are going to be very important?

How to Find a Free Essay Form Sample

How to Find a Free Essay Form SampleA Free Essay Form Sample that is free to download and use is very helpful when looking for a topic for your college essay. You should be prepared before starting your essay so that you are able to express yourself properly. You need to be able to express what you believe, what your opinions are, and how you can be an asset to the school that you are applying to.You want to write an essay that will get you noticed, and it should also be something that you would enjoy doing on a daily basis. Whether you will enjoy writing a unique essay or not is totally up to you. Regardless of whether you enjoy writing or not, you will be able to at least have some fun while completing this application essay.You will find that the most effective way to look for a free essay form is by searching online. There are many ways that you can go about this. You can type in 'essay form samples' on your favorite search engine, but remember to check the spelling and grammar o f the website before deciding to visit it. You do not want to visit a website where you will find spelling and grammar errors on every page.Another way to find these forms is by using search engines. If you enter a search for 'essay form samples', you will find that there are many sites that offer the use of these samples. Many of these sites will also charge you money to access these samples.The first thing that you want to look for is whether or not the site is safe for you to use. Make sure that it has a disclaimer stating that no information has been submitted to them other than typing in a search query. Also make sure that they have a money back guarantee in place in case that you decide not to use the site.A free essay formsample that offers the opportunity to download the questionnaire can be very useful for you as well. This helps you in the fact that you can print the questions out and then just make sure that you answer them honestly. When writing an essay, you do not want to do things that you know are not right, but to answer questions that you know that you are not ready for yet.After you have used this sample and you feel that you are satisfied with it, you will want to take a look at the site again. You may find that you want to use this form again when you have to write another college essay. Your choice is completely up to you, but you want to be sure that you are doing all that you can to choose the site that is right for you.One last tip that you can use to find a free essay form is to search the Internet to see if there are any companies that offer a free trial that you can use. You can usually sign up for a free trial and then once you have finished the trial, you can pay for it and then start using it immediately.

College App Essay Topics Reviews & Tips

College App Essay Topics Reviews & Tips A Startling Fact about College App Essay Topics Uncovered The topic of your essay doesn't need to be completely novel. While you may be convinced your essay will certainly impress the admission committee for its...uh. UC essays aren't that long, so it may be less difficult to at least have an overall outline of what you wish to say. A poorly executed essay can lead to a stellar student to become rejected. Fortunately, the personal essay doesn't have to be an overwhelming or stress-inducing endeavor. Even if you're only a junior finishing up your very first semester, it's never too early to start contemplating your Common App essay. Utilize your essay to prove that you're thoughtful and mature, your personality has depth. If you wish to see her essay in context, have a look at this hyperlink. To help you further, have a look at our assortment of Common App examples to observe how a great essay is structured. The ordinary app essay was the very first time I was excited to compose an essay. Share an essay on any subject of your pick. Explain your commitments, and you are going to be the sort of student colleges find immensely attractive. Explain why you would like to attend our university. The essay is a significant area of the college application process, made only more so by the growing number of students applying to college in the USA each year. Where your private essay goes out to each of the schools you apply to, supplements are targeted and just visit a single school. Many counselors and teachers are already acquainted with the Common Application and, dependent on their experience, can offer guidance to students who want to apply with this. Colleges are not searching for perfect individuals. It's a fact that many schools no longer request a personal piece. Individual schools sometimes need supplemental essays. College App Essay Topics - the Story No matter which essay prompt you address, it's critical to give yourself time to think of the info you're conveying and what it reveals about you. The essay doesn't have to be a Greek epic, but it must be well-written and clear. It is easy once you start looking at the big pictureand using your own perspective. Outside of an interview, your essay is the best tool you've got to present your nature and identity to a school. Each paragraph should lay out the principal ideas clearly and show how they interlink with one another. Based on extensive counselor feedback, the current essay prompts provide great flexibility for applicants to inform their special stories in their very own voice. There's no substitute for solid writing skills when it has to do with the personal essay, so make sure to practice. Many students fall in the trap of attempting to compose a whole autobiography in 650 words. Ask a favourite teacher to cover the essay on you, or locate a friend with strong editorial abilities. The Characteristics of College App Essay Topics At the exact same time, you will impress the college admissions folks greatly if you are able to present your capacity to learn from your failures and mistakes. There are occasions when you experience failure to the point that you want to provide up as you don't observe a solution. Also, keep in mind that no college is eager to admit somebody who is too close-minded to gain from being taught by other people. Don't neglect to explain why the predicament is valuable to you! College App Essay Topics for Dummies People today must be listened to, and, when it isn't busy, that is that which we are here for. In conclusion, the A dditional Information section can be exceedingly helpful to students so we encourage you to use it. Don't forget that the Common App provides you with creative license. The Death of College App Essay Topics In earlier times a lot of people have asked what they wish to do in a tricky circumstance and have faced many difficult circumstances. While having the ability to write about whatever you wish sounds great in theory, some students findespecially at the start of the brainstorming processthat they are debilitated by the subject of your choice option for the reason that it offers an excessive amount of option. You want to reveal a small personality here. Some undesirable topics show admissions officers which you don't have a superior awareness of judgment or maturity, which is a problem as they are building a category of college students who have in order to deal with independent life on campus.

Essay Topics on Natural Disaster Literature - How to Use Natural Disaster Literature to Teach Your Class

Essay Topics on Natural Disaster Literature - How to Use Natural Disaster Literature to Teach Your ClassOne of the main things that is often forgotten is the fact that students really need to know how to write essays that are using good essay topics on natural disaster literature. This is so important because in order to not only to read, but to be able to read and understand your essay, you need to be able to understand its context.The context for which writing an essay is most useful comes in when discussing natural disaster literature. What I mean by this is that it will help a lot if you are able to use the context that they use to write their stories. After all, if you are unable to use their context, then you really are not going to understand much of what they are talking about.Of course, this is really something that comes with one's common sense. Of course, you can go into more depth and understanding of their subject matter when discussing natural disaster literature. Howev er, for now, I want to get back to the topic of essay topics on natural disaster literature.Since you know how to find good essay topics on natural disaster literature, then you should think about what your essay is going to discuss. I am not saying that your topic has to be a horror story, but it would be a good idea to make sure that your topic comes from a natural disaster story.One of the best ways to write an essay that uses good essay topics on natural disaster literature is to talk about natural disasters in a way that is interesting and enlightening. If you are able to do this, then your readers will understand how they can relate your topic to the stories they are reading.Of course, there are also a lot of other ways to write an essay that uses good essay topics on natural disaster literature. However, the more you can use an approach that comes from the natural disaster literature, the better off you will be.After all, as I said earlier, I believe that if you are able to u nderstand the context of the natural disaster literature, then you will be able to relate your essay to what is being discussed. This is really the one true key to how to write an essay that is successful.Of course, not all essays that use good essay topics on natural disaster literature are successful. However, if you use this method, then you should be able to have success with your essays.

How to Get A Degree In Argumentative Research

How to Get A Degree In Argumentative ResearchFor those who are looking for a new direction in their education, or if you want to make the most of your higher education, one option is to get a degree in argumentative research. It can be a good choice, even if you do not go on to further studies. There are two approaches to this degree, both of which will make a difference to your life.The first option is to study online research paper topics at the graduate level. One can easily find this degree online. This degree is good for anyone with a lot of time on their hands, and especially for those with a specific topic or research area that they need to focus on.The second option is to take a course on argumentative research in the college of the year, which is usually the third week of the quarter. This means that you would have a few weeks to finish your coursework, but then you would have to pass it in the class of the quarter. While this can be a useful and interesting way to learn, it is a bit more difficult to manage your time when there are many other students competing for the same amount of available time.As for the day to day of learning, it's best to learn to use the internet first, before having to spend any time on campus, since that's where the study session is. There are several websites that provide courses on argumentative research, but the number one choice is to take a course from a good university.Even if you choose to take a course online, that is still an important factor. You should make sure that you study with a faculty member who has experience in this subject, and who can help you with homework, assignments, and exam study sessions.You should make sure that the class instructor is knowledgeable about the particular area you are studying. They should also have some great information for you to keep you occupied during your course. If you have any questions or have something to add to a certain topic, make sure that you ask your professor.The se are some of the points that should guide you to take your education to the next level. Remember that you do not have to devote every minute of your time to learning to debate a given topic, and you should focus on just a few ideas, and focus on the topics that you are most interested in.

Essay Topic Ideas - Why Your Essay Needs to Be Persuasive

Essay Topic Ideas - Why Your Essay Needs to Be PersuasiveWriting persuasive arguments is really important in the essay that you are going to write for college. Sometimes, students make the mistake of thinking that they can just write an essay that will win over their teacher's approval. However, this is not the case.Of course, there are many college essays that have come up from students who can make persuasive arguments on an entirely different level than the rest of the group. These types of arguments may come from their own experiences and personal experiences. However, as a group, you have to stay on task and think about writing out a compelling argumentative essay.The next question that comes to mind when thinking about persuasive essay topics is why. The reason is because people are often scared when they think about writing an essay that may stand out. They become nervous about writing a piece that might get them or their classmates the accolades that they want. However, this is not true.Just as you need to be confident and comfortable with your skills, you also need to work on your confidence. When you do well in your writing, you will feel good about yourself. This will lead to more confidence in what you are writing.Another reason why you should think about writing about an interesting topic is because it will increase your opportunities in a major way. When you write about a topic that you know a lot about, you will have an easier time getting a few students to look at your essay. This is because many people have already come up with their own ideas about the topic and may already have developed a specific thesis about it.One last reason that you should think about writing argumentative essay topics that are appealing is because you will give more credibility to your essays. If you are not confident in what youare writing, you may feel afraid to show your entire writing style in an essay. This is because you don't want anyone to question your credibi lity. However, if you have confidence in your own expertise, then you will no longer be afraid to show off what you know.When you are able to put together all these reasons why writing persuasive essays are a good idea, you will find that it will make writing the essay much easier and you will be able to put together more convincing arguments. Remember that you can be the one that writes the essay, so just go ahead and write something good. If you are not able to write, then at least show how you have taken some pointers on how to write an interesting essay.Be sure to write persuasive essays for college and have more confidence in yourself. This will give you the platform to write the best essays for your class and your admissions exam.

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How to Write a College Essay Application - Tips For a Successful Essay

How to Write a College Essay Application - Tips For a Successful EssayAs the responsibility to write a college essay is on you, it is your responsibility to know how to write a college essay and the format that you will need to make sure you write the best essay possible. For you to know how to write a college essay, there are certain things that you will need to know so that you can understand the way the writing process works. By knowing the basics of how to write a college essay, you will be able to easily write a better essay.First of all, when you first begin writing a college essay, you should write in a single uninterrupted sentence. This will allow you to be able to take an idea and slowly transition into the next idea. The writing process has a specific order and it can not be interrupted by a break. You should also be careful about writing in a sentence because there is no rule as to how long you have to wait between sentences.The next tip for how to write a college essay i s to always be precise. If you write in a sloppy way, then you will not be able to properly express yourself with the words that you have written. Make sure that every sentence is correct and well-organized before you actually go to the next part of the essay.After the sentence, you will then go on to the conclusion, which is the next step of the writing process. This will be used as a closing statement or conclusion in case you want to emphasize or add something to what you have written. Always ensure that you will not get carried away by the flow of the essay so that you do not mess up the tone that you want to portray.Next, you will want to go back and read through your essay again. You should be sure that you have written all of the important parts and that there are no misspellings or grammatical errors. These small things can cost you points when it comes to getting accepted into a college.Be sure that you have all of the information that you want to include in your previous e ssays. You should be able to clearly express what you want your college application to include, along with the strengths and weaknesses that you have on that. Be sure that you are clear on this part of the process and that you will be able to adequately answer any questions that you may have about the essay.When you are ready to write a college essay application, you will be able to use the tips listed above. With these tips, you will be able to write a better essay and even win your college essay application. It will just take a little bit of practice.Once you have prepared for writing a college essay application, you will be able to take out the fear and relax. You will now be able to get into the flow of writing your essay and will be able to focus on your essay without getting distracted. You will be able to focus on doing the best job that you can do and the more you do this, the more successful you will be at writing a college essay application.

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American Romanticism (1820-1900) Essays - Romanticism,

American Romanticism (1820-1900) Background: Romanticism, a term that is associated with imagination and boundlessness, and in critical usage is contrasted with classicism, which is commonly associated with reason and restriction. A romantic attitude may be detected in literature of any period, but as a historical movement it arose in the 18th and 19th centuries in reaction to more rational literary, philosophic, artistic, religious, and economic standards. Since it gathered force gradually in its various manifestations, it does not lend itself to the limitations of a concise summary. The most profound and comprehensive idea of romanticism is the vision of a greater personal freedom for the individual. The American Romantic Period (1820-1900) and Transcendentalism overlapped with and influenced each other, sharing some themes, but romanticism distinguishing itself in other ways. Romanticism was a separate movement which gained strength around 1820 as a reaction against the scientific Age of Reason/Enlightenment and the dehumanizing Industrial Revolution, coming to life most strongly through the visual arts, music, and literature. The Romantic movement in America, as elsewhere, left its impression not only on the arts, but also in the more practical spheres of action, as in revolutionary activities for political freedom and individual rights, humanitarian reform (Abolitionism and feminism), liberal religious movements, labor reform, and economic experiments in communal living (Oxford Companion). The literary movement was characterized by: ?Sentimentalism ?Celebration of natural beauty and the simple life ?Introspection ?Idealization of the common man, uncorrupted by civilization ?Interest in the picturesque past ?Interest in remote places ?Gothic romance ?Individualism ?Humanitarianism ?Morbid melancholy ?Childlike imagination & wonder ?Themes of immortality ?Symbolism ?Mostly by and about young men (not women) ?Notable American Romantic writers include Irving, James Fenimore Cooper, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Walt Whitman, Herman Melville, and Emily Dickinson, among others.

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How to Make English As a Second Language College Essay

How to Make English As a Second Language College EssayIf you have started taking English as a second language courses and have begun to take college-level English essay tests, you will want to know how to prepare for these types of experiences. You will be able to answer the question, 'how to make English as a second language college essay' by giving thought to what you need to think about, and also how to bring those thoughts to life in your essay.There are three points to consider when writing your essay on the subject of learning English. First of all, you should be able to assess the difficulty of the questions asked in the essay. There are several ways to do this. It may be to compare the answers that students give to similar exam questions; or it could be to make a list of all the questions that students usually answer correctly on such exams and try to determine which of them actually asked difficult questions.Also, you should be able to measure the difficulty of the question by asking yourself whether the answers given to it are clear enough. The purpose of the test is to see how well students can solve problems, and how good they are at answering questions. If the answer given to a question is too vague, or if it doesn't make clear enough, then the answer might not be right. And if the problem of answering the question isn't clear enough, then the questions themselves might not be clearly defined.The next part of preparing for the second part of your essay on learning English as a second language is to think about the main idea of the essay. You may want to write in a certain manner, so that the only way for your readers to figure out what you are trying to say is to read your essay, and the main idea will stand out in the text if you have laid out your thoughts clearly in the beginning.The last point to think about in preparing for a college essay on the subject of learning English as a second language isto focus on what kind of responses you are look ing for from your essay. Do you just want to get an A, or do you want a B or C? Some students want the highest score possible on their tests and would be happy with and, but others would be happy with a B.Finally, you will want to put together a really compelling argument for your essay on the subject of learning English as a second language. One way to do this is to use specific examples. Another way is to provide personal anecdotes, using the essay as a chance to talk about a significant event in your life.When you have prepared for these first two parts of your college essay on the subject of learning English as a second language, you will be ready to think about the third one, the most important part of the whole process. All that you need to do now is to find the right example to use and to make sure that the arguments you are going to use have been prepared beforehand.When you have looked at all these points, you will know how to make English as a second language college essay . And you will have the tools needed to make your own essay of learning English as a second language the best essay you can create.

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Research Paper Topics for the United States President to Research

Research Paper Topics for the United States President to ResearchWriting research papers is something that seem to be in high demand these days, and for good reason. Because of all the things that have happened in the world in the past couple of years, we are faced with a lot of issues that require research on some level. We now know that President Bush wants to research on alternative energy sources and even on the Internet, but I would like to think that he is the first person who ever put this plan into action.In this article, I will talk about how you can find the latest research topics for the United States President to research. There are several things that you need to look for if you want to find any ideas for research papers for the United States Government. First of all, let's look at the number of articles that the government has created and published on their website. If you have searched for topics that are on this list, then it would be wise to look at that list to see if there are any more ideas for research papers.If there is no news related to the research paper topics, then you will have to do some searching yourself. There are several ways of doing this; you can use Google to find any research papers that the United States Government has made or is currently making, which is what I did with some of the topics that were mentioned earlier.As well as looking at these topics that were created by the United States Government, another thing that you will want to look for is if there is any research that is related to those topics. It is possible that they are still researching the topic that you are looking for, or it could be that the US Government is going to research some other topic that is on the same topic. For example, if they are currently researching on sustainable sources of energy, and they do not make any news about it, then you will want to check to see if any reports on this topic are available, because you never know, they might be p lanning to research some other energy source. The last thing that you will want to look for is if there is any research that has been done that is related to the topic that you are researching. This way, you can get an idea of what the research is going to be about before you begin your research. So, you will want to start out by looking on the topic that you are going to research, and then you will want to use the search engine to find other research topics that might be related to that topic.Just remember that when you research, don't be afraid to get some ideas from other countries, such as China, as they are doing a great job of researching and publishing. You just have to know where to look, and how to find them.In summary, there are many ideas out there for research paper topics for the United States President to research. All you have to do is to look around a little bit and you will get some ideas for research topics for the United States Government.