Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Censorship letter (the bluest eye) :: essays research papers

     I believe in the fact that allone has their own confidence and the right for freedom of speech and press. People might say that I have no opinion or that I dont bang what I am talkin about because I am under 18, but I still stand behind my opinion. The recent controversy over the security review and banning of Toni Morrisons "The Bluest Eye" is simply a group of people toilsome to give thier opinion. They got their right and where equal to challenged the playscript, but be now taking this too far. I believe this should be eliminated and they should non be able to get their way by threatening their point. The mother who has challenged this book has e real right to censor what her tike get a lines. As for other parents they might involve their children to read this book. I dont see how this women actually sees herself as Bakersfields "parental variety" and recalls it among herself to say what other peoples children may read. Per sonally I feel as if she thinks me and my peers too stupid to understand the meaning of the book, and not mature generous to seperate the reality of those 11 " full-grown" lines. Sex, incest, and rape are all things that are real and happen in our world. Many children are exposed to these grim realities. I believe that this women is out of touch with her daughter if she thinks that her daughter does nott know what these things are. I am very insulted at the fact that she thinks it her job to take on the responsibility to choose what I can not read. I have two parents already that make fine descisions for me, I dont really need another one. Those 11 lines are said to be pornographic and probably are when taking out of text. Those 11 lines are merely particles of the total piece of literature. I have not yet read "The Bluest Eye," but plan to. This book is said to be very eduactional and a great piece of literature. Should students really be banned from reading this book because of 11 lines? If any parent does not want to have their child read a book they have every right to not let them, but this women should have no say over any one elses child except her own. Also I think it very ridiculous of her to carry this on any further than it has already gone.

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