Saturday, March 23, 2019

Religious Fanaticism Essay -- essays research papers

In Molieres clowning Tartuffe, The play centers on thefamily of Orgon, a wealthy and impressionable piece of music, hiscentral manoeuver of ridicule is Orgon. Orgon is Molierescharacter of how man can be so blind in his devotion to a principle that he cannot pull back a good judgement as to thesincerity of others who would use that belief to deceivehim. This play fits into the concept of comedy because allof the elements of comedy argon present. It happens that thetitle character is the villain rather than the hero and some ofthe elements pose been tampered with. In Tartuffe, wehave the classic comic scenario of two lovers, Valere andMarianne, trying to explicate together but being thwarted.However, instead of the villain, Tartuffe is not the one whois antagonizing them, it is Orgon who gets in the way.Orgon tries to flatter Tartuffe by offering Marianne to be hiswife. Before it is all over, Orgon ends up giving the deed toall his land to the deceitful Tartuffe. The other comi celements such as the unmasking of the villain and the happyending ar also present in Tartuffe. It is in the duality ofOrgon, who is a believe and devoted subject, andTartuffe, the manipulating hypocrite. Moliere takes his shotat the extremes of enthusiastic belief. Tartuffe plays the roleof a man whose greedy actions are cloaked by a mask of whelm piety, modesty and religious passion. Orgonis the head of a household who has taken Tartuffe in, and prone him shelter and food. Everyone in the family, ex...

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