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New vs Old Yankees Stadium

The House that Ruth Built has seen many history-making moments in its 85 years in the Bronx twenty-six World Series titles, four major League Baseb completely All-Star poles, deuce papal visits by John capital of Minnesota II and Benedict XVI. Now that the Bronx Bombers hurt ended their 2008 season 8 games out of first place, finishing third behind the capital of Massachusetts bolshy Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays, the old Yankee domain leave alone shut its doors (M. L. B. forward-looking Media, 2008 Regular Season Standings).The start of next season volition suffer extra attention to the Yankees repayable to the break of their brand peeled arena, dictated across the highway. Their bleak trough is just one of many late lay that possess been make. These new bowling b totallys change the classic oldenime of watch a game with a hot dog in hand. notwithstanding though the modern parklands pose amazing architectural designs with countless doer of delight, the cent ral sport of baseball seems to be just playing in the background.Since 2000, twelve Major League teams have built new bowlfuls. The two untested York Teams, the Yankees and the Mets, willing both open brand new parks in the spring of 2009. Five teams have plans in progress to have completed their new fields by 2012, which will leave the Boston Red Soxs Fenway car park, built in 1912, the oldest baseball arena in the state (Grand Slam Enterprises). The new Yankee Stadium is the most costly one in America, costing approximately $1. 6 billion (M. L. B. travel Media, Yankees Unveil 2009 Schedule).The opening of two baseball areas, as easily as the Jets and Giants new arena, all in the very(prenominal) deposit and the kindred season has prices flying through the roof for local book holders, and the citizens of the state concerned about what their taxes are passing play towards since all the stadiums received well-nigh aid. The Yankees received over $200 million from the city and the state, which, purge though only covers a fraction of the cost, the money still comes from the taxpaying citizens (E. S. P. N. ). muckle that have had season tickets for years without delay have to sacrifice their max seats because they cannot afford the prices (Sandomir).However, money aside, New York City is going to calculate extra sports attention in the upcoming year. According to the teams website, the Yankees are all about embracing the future, and their new stadium does exactly that. The virtual incumbrance of their new facility explains the countless number of new additions and changes, and shows how the new stadium takes the said(prenominal) basic design of the old one by creating the same atmosphere, nevertheless modernizes it entirely (M. L. B. Advanced Media, New Yankee Stadium practical(prenominal) Tour).This means that the new home of the Yankees will contain well-known features such(prenominal) as Monument Park, the white frieze that runs along the top parry and the playing of Frank Sinatras famous New York, New York later a home game win. The movement usher that all the ticket holders received opens up its 48 page description of the stadium by stating The new Yankee Stadiumwill merge the glorious past and future greatness of the Yankees to create the ultimate fan experience by providing the latest technology, luxurious fan amenities and customer service in a setting that will feel both reassuringly beaten(prenominal) and surprisingly fresh. Before going into detail about all features, it states the new Yankee Stadium will be all about choice, comfort, lash-up and accessibility (M. L. B. Advanced Media, New Yankee Stadium move Guide). Notice there is no matter said about baseball. The new digest of the Yankees has many improvements. The gentler slope of the seats names everyone a good view of the game. The stadium itself is 63% larger than the old one, yet has less seats. The available radio Internet and major ce ll phone antennas around the stadium, will arrest fans web access and strong cell phone service, which seem unessential for a night at the ballpark.Do fans actually need their cell phones and laptops for a couple-hour game in New York? The point of going to a game is to watch it, or is that once-obvious rationale changing? The Yankees plan on opening a Metro-North train stop adjust at the stadium so that fans from neighboring states can easily arrive and depart the game without traffic with the subway or the street traffic, which takes away from the hustle and bustle of the pregame street activities. This includes souvenir shops, food vendors etc.And finally, the most un-baseball related aspect of the new stadium on the list is the fact that Yankee Stadium will be open year round with clubs, restaurants, banquet rooms, conference rooms and headache centers, and will host corporate outings, business meetings, bat mitzvahs, seminars and weddings (M. L. B. Advanced Media, New Yanke e Stadium Relocation Guide). According to Brian Cashman, Senior Vice-President and global Manager of the New York Yankees, the team has to be in a aspect to pursue excellence. He knows the potential of the Yankee organization, and he feels that the new stadium is the best thing for it. Although many have complained about the destruction of such a historical landmark, Cashman says that the new stadium is just as good, if not better than the old one. He states that the move was necessary because of all the improvements and new stadiums that other teams have made. The opponents all have better batting cages and health recovery areas and other key advantages at their home fields, so the Yankees ostensibly needed to keep up.Cashman feels that the new stadium will bring the community of interests together in the Bronx, making the investment a good thing for everyone (Cashman). Even if the Yankees improve their practice facilities, which may make their team better, will the fans be pay ing any attention to the game? Or will they be having a drink at the martini bar or disbursal the game with their head down looking at their email? The uppercase Nationals call their new stadium a beacon for business development, and all the new stadiums are exactly that. The game has been lost, plainly the fans might not mind this new era of sports merriment.The Nationals say that they would like to offer their fans the fortune to enjoy the game or explore the unique array of entertainment options that they have available at the stadium (M. L. B. Advanced Media, New Nationals Park Virtual Tour). The Yankees, Mets, Twins, Royals, Marlins, Athletics, Rays and all the other franchises that decide to rebuild concisely want to make a profit from this transition in ballpark air as well. The Yankees know that all the new stadiums do the same thing, and it is the Yankees reputation to do things right, according to Jim Kaat, an announcer for the Yankees Entertainment and Sports Netwo rks (Kaat).To do thing right for the Yankees mean to make money. And they plan on pushing their fans towards retail, entertainment and high-ticket(prenominal) ticketing options to make that happen. Since the new stadium cost the Yankees well over $1 billion, it is estimated that they will have to take in an additional $50-60 million a year to pay for it. They already have the most famous logo in sports, the most popular regional sports network on television, and now they have the most modern and expensive sports stadium in the country (Belson).In order to make a profit with the new stadium, the Yankees dropped their capacity by over 4,500 seats, notwithstanding tripled the amount of luxury suites available. The luxury suites include contrary levels of luxury Legends, Luxury, Club, Main Level and Terrace. All the suites come with club access, favored parking, a bar and restaurant, private bathrooms and HD televisions (M. L. B. Advanced Media, New Yankee Stadium Relocation Guide). With all the expensive luxury space at the new stadium, the Yankees are targeting the large corporations to buy out the seats. The Yankees may parcel out out every game, but they almost never have rise attendance.This is because wealthy supporters and corporations buy tickets with little or no intention of going to the games. The Yankee organization does not mind this because they are making money, but in the classic sense of the game, a lot of true baseball fans will lose their opportunity to go because the only tickets available will be sitting in the desk drawer of some rich executive. The stadium now has a sports bar, a martini bar, a steakhouse, a grillroom, an art gallery, a sports memorabilia store, a museum and four retail stores on top of the hundreds of regular conceding stands that are all available to the ticket holding fan.The luxury suites have special admission to their own clubs, bars and restaurants depending on which one of tail fin levels you have access to. Ticket prices stayed about the same from old to new, but some of the season ticket packages went up in price due to the new luxury suites (M. L. B. Advanced Media, New Yankee Stadium Relocation Guide). None of these improvements add to the actual game of baseball, or even to the fans firsthand experience of the action on the field. This new period of sports entertainment has turned the focus from the game itself to the extras surrounding it.The Yankees and other organizations want to give fans more options while they are at the game. Whether or not this is a good idea will be seen in the near future, by and by the public settles in to the new fields. George Steinbrenner, owner of the Yankees said, I am view about the future and the new Yankee Stadium being built next door. There is no doubt in my mind that the Yankees should have the best ballpark in baseball, and I will make indisputable our new home does justice to the great tradition of this franchiseYankees fans be nothing l ess (M.L. B. Advanced Media, New Yankee Stadium Relocation Guide). Yankees fans have always had the best ballpark in baseball. The stereotyped new stadium draws the crowd from the field to the entertainment. Hopefully this new style ballpark does not damage the American pastime, and take away the opportunity to watch live baseball for future generations. The history of the old stadium is unbeatable by the other teams. Now the fans have a high-end stadium to watch the rest of Yankee history take place in, but will they see it happen?

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