Wednesday, March 13, 2019

“Match Girl” by Anne Bishop Essay

Anne Bishop bases her write up, Match Girl, off of Hans Christian Andersens Little Match Girl, but she adds a disturbing twist. Bishop uses so a good deal strain and violence that as a leader you emergency no more. Little Match Girl was a yarn base on an innocent little girl having to face the cold heart and soul of society. On the other(a) hand, Match Girl was a score ground on a young girl that has to face a unsporting and cruel world. The misery and cruelty that Bishop adds to her story is too much for this story to gain credibility.The story starts off with Phoenix already having to suffer from her proprietors cruelty. Just like the little girl in Andersens story Phoenix is suffering from cold and torn boots, but in Bishops story we contract to meet her owners. In this tale we grant images that we can hate. Thanks to every last(predicate) of the characters that Bishops uses we are able to get a background story, a setting, and are able to have other feelings besi des sadness.To start off with her owners were too cruel. Da had no function throughout the story and the only action he had that was seen was when he establish Moll. Moll is a cold-hearted woman that treats Phoenix badly probably because she is to a fault living a miserable life. She is forced to live in a mans world. The men in her life control her and at the premier(prenominal) chance she gets to show power and control she takes it. At first it seems like she is the only cruel character but that title is distant once we meet the rest of the characters. Moll and Das tidings does not fall too far from the tree. William is a vile brute that should have never been given life. He is absolutely good for cypher and does nothing besides shove his penis into innocent and defenseless Phoenix. He gets away with so much and no unrivalled says or does anything, not even Phoenix.But William is only a fraction of all the disgusting males in this story. The worst scene in this story is t he unmatchable when all the men take a turn on raping Phoenix. She has a withdraw that is violently hurting her mouth, meanwhile she has men violently rape her one right after the other. These men are completely heartless and snip and again Bishop includes scenes of other women being punished by the men when they fagt do what they are told. Bishop only shows the men in the story as being drunk, violent, and horny. Its as if she is trying to make a greater argument besides the cruel society that Phoenix lives in. both the men in this story are completely useless and do not have any actions besides violence and fire. This violence and sex is what leads critics to say that the cruelty takes credibility away. It is just too much for one girl to stand. There is too much misery for one story too hold.Anne Bishop said, While I embellished or modified details to depart the sham place, I didnt make up the instruments of torture. They all existed (Pg 247). I seem to disagree with Bis hop. These modified details did not fit this fictional place. It was too much torture for one story, for one specific character to endure. Although Phoenix saw other women being hurt in antithetical ways, she still had to endure watching them suffer. Phoenix when through too much and although in real life humans also have to endure torture and cruelty, I dont believe anyone will ever go through all that Phoenix went through. I understand that the methods of torture used are real and were used I just need Bishop had cut done a bit on all the dread things that happened to Phoenix. Phoenix didnt deserve anything that happened to her, but she continued to be kicked roughly in more misery until the end. This story was really hard to read and accept. The immense cruelty took away from the credibility of the tale.

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