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Effect Of Work Stress In Maruti Suzuki Commerce Essay

Effect Of tame accentuate In Maruti Suzuki Commerce sampleIntroduction to Maruti Suzuki Ltd. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. is a leading manufacturer automobile comp any(prenominal) in India. It was established in December 1983 with the mission to motorise India. Maruti was Collaboration familiarity between Suzuki moves Corporation, Japan and G all overnment of India. Maruti is one of the largest compact car manufacturing companies in the world so till 2012. In damage of production, Maruti is the largest subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation and the company has produced over 15 million vehicles since the roll bulge out of its first vehicle on 14th December, 1983. In the practice session sector, Maruti has more than than 75000 employees and its manufacturing facilities atomic number 18 located at two locations in India in Gurgaon and Manesae, both south of New Delhi. Maruti Suzuki is the only Indian company to cross the 10 million sales mark since its origin. In 2011-12, the comp any sold over 1.13 million vehicles including 1, 27,379 units of exports.(Marutisuzuki 2012)Marutis PhilosophyMarutis delectations its Green Philosophy in the stems of Three Rs Reduce, recycle and Reuse policy in its plants, so that there is a marginal form on natural resources. The company has launched a number of initiatives chthonian its Three Rs umbrella to sterilize the plants more efficient in terms of resource usage. It is likewise certified with ISO 140011996 for its Environment vigilance System course of study and uses the principle of Smaller, fewer lighter, shorter and neater for its operations.Problems in Maruti CompanyAccording to playacters who atomic number 18 engaged at Maruti Suzuki, highly nerve-racking working(a) hours sp rest a penny been a study(ip) concern for the dialect of the employees who ar working in the Maruti Suzuki. According to the workers, the melodic phraseful working hours leads the works to prolonged impasse. Excessive of work lo ad and close time heed is the major cause of the sieve for the workers. There ar several groundss for the cause of the work focusing for the employees. In the several reasons the major seven reasons for the work stress are,(Cherry 2012, Sengupta 2012)7 Reason for Work StressDifferences in salary payNo borderJob jeopardyLack of promotion prospectsUnder-promotion or over-promotionUnclear or inequit adequate to(p) charactering evaluation systemsBeing over-skilled or under-skilled for the clienteleDifferences in Salary profitThe first reason for the work stress for the employees is mainly due to the dissimilarity in the salary pay. Mostly roughly 70% of the employees are digest based employees and they paid very little(prenominal) salary when compared to the different workers who are working in the same grade as conformed workers.No allowanceSince most of the employees are thin out based employees the company has not post them with any allowance. Hence they didnt get any allowance from the government as well from the company.Job in guarantorAs signalize based employment there is no security for the employees for their mull. They pile be fired at any moment. This is also a reason for the employees for their stress.Lack of promotion prospectsAs a take on based employee, there is no promotion prospects for them. Employees subscribe to to do the work what the work is assigned for them. This is also a reason for the employees for their stress.Under-promotion or over-promotionSince there is no prim evaluation system or performance appraisal system for the promotion, Employees are promoted in a pedestal of their influence to the managers. This leads to other workers for the stress in their working.Unclear or unfair performance evaluation systemsAs said before there is no proper evaluation system for the performance. And this leads to unclear promotion to the employees. So it leads to stress for the workers.Being over-skilled or under-skilled for the jobAs most of the employees are contract based employees, and indeed the position what they are working cosmos an extraneous position. For drill an employee who Mechanical Engineering and working in the finance department. So most of the employees are being like under skilled or over skilled for the jobs, so this also leads to stress for the employees in their working.(Sengupta 2012)Maslows pecking order of NeedsMaslows power structure of ineluctably is a theory proposed by Abraham Maslow in his paper A Theory of Human Motivation in the class 1943. Maslow mainly used the terms like physiological reads, Safety, Belongingness and Love, Esteem and egotism Actualization inevitably to describe his human motivation theory.http// flip/6/60/Maslow%27s_power structure_of_Needs.svg/450px-Maslow%27s_Hierarchy_of_Needs.svg.pngHierarchyMaslows power structure of necessitate can be explained with the help of a pyramid. The most rudimentary level of unavoidably is undertake at the bottom and at the top call for for self-actualization. Maslow explains the pyramid with quadruple layers and he called them as Deficiency needs or D-Needs. The four layers are Esteem, Friendship and love, Security and Physical needs. He also explains that the most fundamental needs whitethorn not be the physical needs. Maslow also use the term Meta motivation in order to motivate the people. He also explains that human mind have the ability for parallel processing and and then by motivating the people also they can get to their hierarchal needs. Thus Maslow acknowledged the likelihood that the different levels of motivation could occur at any time in the human mind, but he centre on identifying the rudimentary types of motivation and the order in which they should be met.(Cherry 2012)Physiological needsPhysiological needs are the physical requirements for human survival. If any of these requirements ate not obtained then the human m ind wont function properly and this leads to ultimate failure. Therefore food, shelter, love and respect are both(prenominal) of the fundamental physiological needs that a human normally expects to be with him.(Cherry 2012)Safety needsThe safety needs in the sense job security, punch environment, procedures for protecting the individual from uni subsequentlyal authority, savings accounts, insurance policies, presumable disability accommodations, etc..(Cherry 2012)Safety and Security needs includePersonal securityFinancial securityHealth and well-beingSafety net against accidents/ distemper and their adverse impactsLove and belongAfter physiological and safety needs the next basic need for a human is the love and belongings. This need is especially strong in childhood and this can be obtained by friendship, family and others love towards him. Maslow explains that humans need to feel a sense of belonging that they are accepted in their cordial group. For example small social grou p like family in which they are being accepted and they are treasure in the group.(Cherry 2012)EsteemAll humans have a need have a feel that they need to be recognised in the society and they need to have their own respect. The fame or triumph will not help anyone to get their respect they need to have their own self-esteem in order to be respected. Maslow states that while he originally thought the needs of humans had strict guidelines, the hierarchies are coordinated quite than sharply separated. This means that esteem and the subsequent levels are not strictly separated quite, the levels are closely related.(Cherry 2012)Self-actualizationWhat a man can be, he must be. This quotation explains the need for self-actualization. Maslow explains that everyone should have their own self-actualization in order to become the most that one can be. For example women may think that she needs to be the best mother for her children than any other mother. In understand this level of need, the person must needs to achieve the previous needs and also should be master in them.(Cherry 2012)Self-transcendenceSelf-transcendence refers to when a person seeks to further the boundaries of their ideal self, to experience an intimacy beyond ones self. Cloninger later incorporated self-transcendence as a spiritual dimension of personality in the Temperament and Character Inventory.(Cherry 2012)F. W. Taylors scientific Management TheoryF. W. Taylor was an American automatonlike engineer completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens base of Technology in 1883. He is well known as the perplex of scientific management.Taylors Contribution to Scientific ManagementF.W. Taylor has written the famous obtain called Principles of Scientific Management in which he mainly imposes tierce principles, they areFirst To explain through unanalyzable illustration.Second To convince the subscriber through systematic management, rather than explaining some unusual contents.Third To put forward that the management skills are true science.And also he explains that the fundamental principles of scientific management which can be applied for all human activities. For example a simple co-operation between the individuals in the company can set up the production value of the business. And also he convince the readers be simple illustration by correctly applying all his principles.(Taylor 1911)Taylor has defined scientific management as followsScientific management is concerned with knowing exactly what you desire men to do and then see in that they do it in the best and cheapest way.(Taylor 1911)Principles of Scientific ManagementThe principles of Scientific Management are1. alternate rule of thumb with science.2. Obtaining harmony in group action rather than discord.3. Co-operation rather than chaotic individualism.4. Increase in production and productivity instead of restricted production.5. Development of workers by providing training.Result of Work Stres sAs a result of the work stress two major riddles occurred in the Maruti.Low ProductionNo Co-operation between the employer and employeeLow Productionimputable to work stress for the employees, their hundred percent inputs for the work were not able to obtain and as a result it leads to less production. Most of the manufacturing line workers had overmuch stressful work continuously and they are not paid for their work they intently produced less production. As these are the reasons for the less production.No Co-operation between the employer and employeeDue to the improper management there was no proper co-operation between the employers and the employees. As the company has not followed any hierarchy structure and most of the employees are contract based employees there was no proper human relationship between the employer and the employees. This is also a reason for less production. There two are the major cause as a result of the work stress for the employees in the Maruti Su zuki.Basic Need of the WorkersBy studying the two major theories, Maslows hierarchy of needs and F. W. Taylors Scientific Management we can suggest some solutions for the problems of the employees in the Maruti Suzuki. According to the two theories basic needs for the employees are (Taylor 1911, Cherry 2012)Permanent Job good Work TimingPromotion deportation FacilitiesPermanent jobAs about 70% of the employees in the Maruti Suzuki are contract based employees and they dont have the job security is also one of the reasons for the work stress for the employees. And the work stress leads to less production for the company. According to Maslows hierarchy of needs when we provide the employees with the basic needs of what they need they fell secure for working for the company. They get propel automatically and they fell much secure and automatically depress the work stress. As a result of less work stress, the employees may fall their much effort for the production and therefore the production can be change magnitude considerably.Proper Work timeSince most of the employees are contract based employees and hence they dont have the proper work clock schedule. And so it leads them to work for more hours. This is also a reason for the work stress for the employees. According to the Maslows hierarchy of needs and F. W. Taylors Scientific Management providing the employees with their basic needs and establish them esteem will increase the confidence level for the employees. As a result of the providing proper work time their stress for the working hours will centralize and hence the production can be increase considerably.PromotionAs most of the employees in the company are contract based employees and they dont have the promotion prospective. Since working continuously, without any promotion, or motivator makes many employees to feel stress about their work. According to Maslows hierarchy of needs and F. W. Taylors Scientific Management if we make the employees to feel much secure about the work what they do and provide the employees with the hierarchy for the promotion will make them to feel much secure and their work stress will be reduced considerably. And hence the production will be increased automatically.Transport FacilitiesSince most of the large scale sector industries are located at hostile locations, transport facilities to the company being a very Gordian issues for many employees in the company. According to Maslows theory, proving the employees with their need many reduce the stress for the employee and as a result the production can be increased considerably. So providing transport facilities from the employees from the company to the city center during the gaucherie end and the beginning may reduce the complexity for the transportation to the employees.ImplementationBy studying the theories of Maslows hierarchy of needs and F. W. Taylors Scientific Management and the problems of the Maruti Suzuki, we can carry out some solutions for the problems of the Maruti Suzuki based on the two theories.(Taylor. 2007, Taylor 1911, Cherry 2012)Implement Hierarchy structure for promotion and work allocation.As there was no proper management structure for the company for the promotion and other perspectives if we implement the Maslows hierarchy structure for the employment as the low level workers being in the bottom followed by the supervisors and managers and in the top level there being the management. By implementing Maslows hierarchy structure, the work load can be allocated and hence each worker will equal amount of works.Implement Proper Work Timing with three different shifts.According to Maslows hierarchy of needs providing the employees with their basic physiological needs the workers will fell much secure to work in the company. According to the theory implementing proper work timing with three different shifts which may reduce the workers to work for ling hours and hence their basic physiological nee ds get satisfied and the employees feel much secure in working for the company.Provide bus services in line with shift timingsAccording to Maslows theory, providing the employees with their physiological needs may reduce the stress of the employees, According to which providing bus services to the employees in line with shift timing may reduce the stress in transportation to the employees. As most of the large scale industries are located in remote locations, so transportation being one of the major stressful tasks for the employees to make in time for the companies. By providing bus services may reduce their stress in transportation.Create a labor welfare commissioning to promote good relations between the management and the workersAccording to F. W. Taylors Scientific Management providing proper training to the employer and employees can create a three sixty degree relationship between them. According to Taylors theory creating a labour welfare committee provide a good relationsh ip between the management and workers.ConclusionAfter studying the problems of the Maruti Suzuki and the theories of Maslows hierarchy of needs and F. W. Taylors Scientific Management the problems of the Maruti Suzuki have been solved by implementing the solutions to the problem from the theories of Maslows hierarchy of needs and F. W. Taylors Scientific Management. The major problem of the employees being the work stress have been solved by the Maslows hierarchal theory and the major problem for the management being the less production which have been solved by implementing F. W. Taylors Scientific Management theory.

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