Saturday, March 16, 2019

Old and Young Frankenstein Essay -- Frankenstein essays

Old and Young Frankenstein Something that interested me greatly ab pop out Mary Shelleys Frankenstein was the treatment that the creature received from Frankenstein and the other citizenry around him. I often wonder how things would have turned out had he been treated with a lower-ranking bit of humanism and compassion, in particular by his creator. What if Frankenstein had taken the responsibility as the creatures parent and created him with a little humanism and kindness? Would the creature have vowed such r stock-stillge and killed everyone victor cared about? Im going to use the film Young Frankenstein from 1974 to show what happened when the creature, created this condemnation by sea captains grandson, Frederick, received better treatment. Although the film is meant as a farce comedy of all the films found on the novel, underlying this humor are more(prenominal) serious points, one of which is the cin one casern with the way the creature is considered. The first yard is to make a comparison between the film and the novel, and to look at the 1931 film version, since the humor in Young Frankenstein seems to be greatly parodying that film. The Frankenstein in this film version is Frederick, the grandson of Victor, who is a lecturer on neurosurgeons in saucy York. He receives news of his grandfathers will, and he goes off to Transylvania to claim his ancestral estate, on that point finding the plans of his grandfathers for the construction of a creature. The plot is very loosely based on Shelleys Frankenstein as a model, but its continued into the twentieth blow with a different generation. Of course, when looking at the novel, it seems quite impossible that Victor could possibly have had a ... ...ral times, at the risk of his own life, as most parent would do for their children. Victor from Shelleys novel never even considered the creature a fellow being and showed no responsibility some(prenominal) to the creature. This c reature felt unloved by his father, and plotted revenge on Victor, taking his family away, a family the creature could never experience. This comparison shows how if Victor had once considered the feelings of the creature, everything could have turned out so much differently. Works Cited Alpert, Hollis. japery The New King. Saturday Review World 2 Nov. 1974 52- 3. Blazing Brooks. Show line of merchandise and TV. Time 13 Jan. 1975 56. Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. New York Bedford Books of St. Martins Press, 1992. Young Frankenstein. Dir. Mel Brooks. 20th Century fob Film Corporation, 1974

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