Saturday, April 20, 2019

Week 4 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Week 4 - Assignment ExampleThe trait speculation examines various face-to-face attributes that a person has, and provides a deeper look into how they act, look, think, feel and function in varied circumstances and settings. The theory is used by governments all over the world to help understand their employees better in their pursuance to utilize their creativity and specialties. The trait theory expounds the ability that a leader has across several industries. Nardellis leadership style was a bit interesting. In some manner, he is considered a mastermind because he raised the companys profits, and reformed the organizational structure. However, the problem arose when his leadership style started to rub shareholders, employees, and customers the awry(p) way. With his authoritative and militaristic leadership style, employees were non confortable at general meetings. Shareholders were even upset at the way he conducted himself. While he was a CEO at Home Depot, Nardelli embarke d on a battleful plan to centralize control in the organization. He often neglected the sense of humility, enthusiasm of his subordinates, as well as care of the shareholders. Nardelli was maniacal about objectives and goals, and ignored the autonomy of others. This was unethical since he did not respect the autonomy of other people. Instead, he treated them as subjects by heavily investing in technology as a way of monitoring everything the top managers were doing (Baack, 2012).All leaders have a room to grow their leadership styles, and should be compassionate towards their employees, but when they refute to adapt to change, and remove salespersons that provided customers with a sense of security while shopping, a problem arises. In terms of performing his duties to help the organization grow, Nardelli did that, but at the expense of reducing the probability of future sales, by reducing the quality of wait on to its customers. According to the theory

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