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Technological change in organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Technological change in organizations - Essay ExampleThis research exit begin with the statement that the development of technology has changed the entire world of business. This change has encompassed activities from very basic level of idea generation such as through CAD (Computer Aided Design) to product or attend production by CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) and post business activities. From the computer revolution to the Internet and most tardily and unceasingly growing Internet based applications such as trading on the Internet, social media, etc., make up all forced businesses to harness their adaption to high-paced change by anticipating it rather than following the change merely for survival. straightaway pace of technological change has also proved to be proportional to the benefits it brings to business. Immense literature has been unquestionable based on studying various aspects of the technological change to business. ISACA, planetary nonprofit IT association , has predicted that the entire category 2012, IT departments of business will be collecting huge data from various sources. Growingly conducting a complex outgrowth to manage the bulk of zeros and ones in a way that benefits the firm with growing return on investment funds will remain a challenge for IT departments of businesses. This big handling of data constantly grows on the naiant as well the vertical bases with more of 40 percent projected growth in global data generated in year 2010 while spending on IT has change magnituded by only 5 percent. The rise in demand for people handling big data is so steep that approachability of big data analytical talent in US in year 2018 is expected to tump over the supply (Manyika et al., 2011). (Manyika et al., 2011) Data sources range from consumer behavior at physical outlets to a large number of net profit subsections. The emergence of a ubiquitous phenomenon in 2000 has changed the entire business model, constantly challenging I T department to increase capacity to manage (Kenney, and Marshall, 2000). (Kenney, and Marshall, 2000) For instance, technique in retail industry such as bar code, receiving set frequency identification (RFID) technology and vendor-managed inventory (VMI),etc. (Smaros, and Holmstrom, 2000), and similar techniques multiply pressure as retrieving and constantly updating data remains with the IT section. Similarly, Self Service Technologies (SSTs), mainly adopted in the financial arena with the Internet banking and ATM, etc., has already put extensive pressure on the IT section. Though these techniques have been developed in the past, constant efforts from the marketing side of business to offer various promotions and extracting information based on consumer bodily process require increased efforts from the IT section in respect of the program development, i.e. the way information can be retrieved or updated. Applications of social media such as Facebook, twitter, blogs heavy video content such as multimedia system content, which already accounts for more than half of the Internet traffic, is expected to grow by 70 percent in year 2013, with

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