Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Globalisation of business activities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Globalisation of business activities - Essay ExampleIt should be noted that there argon quite a number of refer players that drive globalisation and these include the transnational corporations, World backup Organisation (WTO), World avow and International Monetary Fund (Rodrick 2001). Different governments are also key actors as they authorise trade to take place between them and the multinational corporations intending to invest in their countries. They are very instrumental in determining the outcomes of trade and investment between the states involved as they would be responsible for regulating the operations of the multinational companies. The WTO also plays a pivotal role in that it facilitates the weapons platform through which international trade agreements are negotiated and enforced among member states. On the other hand, the World Bank and the IMF are major actors in that they provide with loans as well as technical assistance to the governments or multinational corpo rations that wish to invest in other different countries.2. The manufacturing sectors in different countries come along to book rapidly expanded on a global scale and the three major drivers that seem to dumbfound accelerated the trend of globalisation in this sector include the government, cost, market and competitive. In the manufacturing sector, it can be noted that it is expensive to manufacture certain products in other countries as a result of availableness problems of raw materials, transport costs involved as well as labour costs. Against this background, various multinational companies prefer to establish their manufacturing business in areas where raw materials are readily available and in most cases where there is availability of cheap labour.The market drivers are particularly influenced by per capita concentrations in industrialised countries where they seem to have greater control of the means of production hence can determine the

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