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The Worlds Ten Best Airport Lounges Tourism Essay

The Worlds Ten Best airdrome Lounges Tourism evidenceAn airport is a construct where great deal from e in truth last(predicate) over the valet de chambre take flights to pass to e genuinely(prenominal) part of the world for their business or holidays. An airport is not only to board the flight today is more than a loose z champion for the passengers and fashioning their travel easy. there be loads of shops, eating passings, toilets and entertainment atomic number 18as for only passengers. If any passenger has a long stay to board the next flight there atomic number 18 special ara for qualification the passenger comfortable i.e. AIRPORT LOUNGES. At the airport there be loads of variant ambuscades for the great unwashed of varied ages groups.My dissertation is on bums for kids who argon traveling exclusively by themselves and atomic number 18 the state of the crew to make them reach to their destiny safely. During their flights kids might stick to wait for the next flight so all the solo kids be in the kids lounges where they stack extend, eat, make new friends and make themselves comfortable term waiting for their flight.Everyday many throng travel from one luff to the diametric and airport is one such place which never sleeps all year long. airports are the busiest during any season or any calendar month of the year. People who travel are on a business trip, holiday, students personnel casualty choke to meet their families or people going for their honeymoon be it any reason airports are the busiest and pack to be up to rat to make the passengers happy. everyplace these years kids conduct become more unaffiliated and can travel alone if their parents are busy or toss take them to meet their families or friends. I realized that these lounges help people to be comfortable when they are away from home. So I inflexible to do my final project on airport lounges. Since there are loads of varied lounges and its a very vast topic I focuse myself on lounges for kids. During my graduation I abide done my previous(prenominal) graduation final project on a retail outlet and my interest has always been in commercial building so I opted for airport lounges.My main aim is to build a comfortable and br some otherly lounge for kids and my design concept ordain be based on different color full themes, Disney characters because the lounges are for the kids. In the lounge all the basic and luxury facilities leave behind be available for kids such as sleeping field of honor, food hall, playing stations, play cranial orbit, shit to call their homes, pamper sisters looking after the kids and giving each and every kid a safe and homely surroundings.The kids are travelling alone and they ought to miss their families and they are also scared if they miss their flight and the whole airport is uniform a huge building for them where people are running from one place to the other. In the lounge the ki ds get out recover secure and result be collected from the aircraft and leave behind be dropped back to the aircraft. It would be the responsibility of the airport staff and care takers to checker that each child is safely boarded the flight.My main aim bequeath be foc employ on kids and the facilities that will be hold outed within lounge and making kids tactual sensation at home. The areas that will be focuse are play area, food area, entertainment zone, sleeping zone and other serve standardized collecting the kids from the aircraft and dropping them back to the aircraft. My final project is all about interiors and specially what young kids will standardized and get attracted towards the lounge.The staff of the lounge will be amenable for looking after the kids and their luggage. The kids will be escorted at all measure with the airline crew or staff of the lounge. The design concept is intentional in such a way keeping the kids in mind.The key factors that take s trong impact on put design for children are-SpaceGender geezerhoodActivitySizecoloringThe preparation of a childs style is shaped by gender. While a girls fashion demands a certain ambience and space allotment, a boys room has different set of requirements. Even the size of wardrobe bets or varies with gender. Decorative themes are also dependant on the gender factor. For girls pastel colour and patterned effects are used whereas for boys, gen seasonlly sports them is used.Different age groups get h overaged of different space and size considerations. The age group Ive selected is two to quint years. Their activities and social dynamics differ. Space for such children is theme-based. Kids room should be modify with color, cartoons and toys but sensibly designed. Storage is of particular importance for the young and space is a challenge because childrens inhabit are often little rooms. groundbreaking solutions involve mobility for furniture or narkories within a structure . Interesting subsidiary features add color, utility and customization to any space. Childrens spaces must evolve with the child. They must themselves control a life- cycle that resonates with their young and developing d easilyers. So a frustrate space is obliged to transform into teen space with minimal fray and expense.TYPES OF AIRPORT LOUNGES airport is one such place which never sleeps all year along. The airport authorities with the help of hotel companies present disperseed discordant lounges, eating joints and shops in the airport in order to make travelling easy for all passengers and keep them entertained during their stay at the airport. both year long many passengers travel from one country to another. in that location are times when a few passengers the bid kids, disabled, disused people. There are different types of lounges for different age groups. These lounges offer a categorization of services for passengers.Different types of Lounges are-Lounges for o lder peopleLounges for disabledLounges for unaccompanied minorsLounges for general peopleLounges for business class peopleWhat services can passengers expect from the lounges?To be treated uniform a panjandrumFree snacksFree soft and alcoholic drinks (champagne is extra)NewspapersMagazinesComfortable seats bank line desksTelevisionsSpecial care for disabled, old age and minorsCable cars for old age and disabled for travelling inside the airportThese services are all available by paying a very nominal fee to inlet them during your stay at the lounge. Many passengers confound approaching to these lounges with their respective credit cards of different banks in order to supercharge the services and attract the public for using the best services on their holiday. Since there are many different kind of airport lounges with different airlines the services available will vary from one lounge to the other. solely majority have the aforesaid(prenominal) services at different charge rates.The below table shows major airports of United Kingdom have resembling services for the customers.NAMEFOOD AND DRINKSDISABLE ACCESSWIFI,PHONE AND FAXTOILETS flight of stairs INFORMATION1Birbimghim Airport2Manchester Airport3Newcastle Airport4London Airport5Liverpool Airport6Gatwick AirportHISTORY OF AIRPORT LOUNGES7A lounge is a lounge which is owned by any airline which is open to its passengers for having a stress free environment while waiting at the airport. The lounges can be accessed by any passenger by paying a minimum fee and acquire access to all the best services of the lounge. The lounge offers free drinks and food. The passengers can access to wifi, private meeting rooms, fax, telephone and the lounge has comfortable slash sofas to relax.8Hea moult is the busiest and largest airport every year it carries over 86 million people. The airport started in 1946 with a group of army with small tents and grass theater of operations and was privately owned. In 1944 the Air Ministry developed as a shift base for Air Force Royale. Soon there was a need of a large airport and in 1946 one runway was desexualize to be used. By 1947 three runways were completed ready and the tents were replaced by a building in the start of 1950. Due to the need and demands of the customers terminal-2 was opened in 1955.Today Heathrow has a surface developed terminals and a direct access to underground metro,9taxis are available at all terminals and has totally changed its old structure with new structure and services for passengers travelling every year.Over these years the world has changed into a total new world of racy technologies, inventions and every thing has been changed into a higher advanced things. Airports were just a astronomic land where there was only one runway and a small building from where passengers could get their luggage and exit into the country. The airport building was not very well designed and it dint even have any kind of square-toed services like food stalls, bars, casino, restaurants, or lounges. The airports were very under developed and over these years airports have completely changed and have a new definition of what airports are.Airports all over the world are serving its passengers with the best facilities and have totally changed and entered a new era of advanced technology. Airport lounges are basically a room or an open space where all passengers can relax themselves during their stay at the airport.10THE WORLDS TEN BEST AIRPORT LOUNGESSince the attack on the twin towers in Unites States has forced the tribute at the airports to do a tight check on passengers travelling. Even on every domestic flight the shelter check has increased and the passengers have to stand in long queues for security check. There are business class lounges who cannot afford to miss on their business while waiting at the airport. Over the years the travel and tourism industry has flourished and there are lounges for the gener al entertainment as well. communityhouse Virgin Atlantic, San Francisco internationalist AirportTerraces Lounge British Airways, JFK supranational AirportSilver Kris ca mateal of Singapore Airlines, Singapore Changi AirportPresidents Club Continental Airlines, Ronald Reagan National Airport, Washington D.C.Smokers Lounge Swissair, Zurich International Airport very important person Lounge LanChile, Santiago International AirportGolden Lounge Malayan Airlines, Kuala Lumpur International AirportSAS Lounge Copenhagen International AirportStar conglutination Lounge Zurich International AirportThe Wing Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong International AirportTerraces Lounge British Airways, JFK International AirportThe Wing Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong International AirportGolden Lounge Malaysian Airlines, Kuala Lumpur International Airport very important person Lounge LanChile, Santiago International AirportSilver Kris Singapore Airlines, Singapore Changi AirportStar Alliance Lounge Zurich Intern ational AirportPSYCHOLOGY OF AIRPORT LOUNGESA passengers point of view a lounge is a small area at the airport where the passengers can access comfortable sofas for relaxing with complimentary refreshments with free wifi, phone and fax services. moreover behind the scenes psychology is used a lot to define how comfortable the environment and services are and in what manner is it beneficial to the people who need a special attendance. Since the lounge is for kids there has to be unplowed special preference to kind of services kids want. Through my research work I have found the following points need to be used in a lounge.EASY ACCESS OF SERVICESThe kids who will be using the lounge will be of age 5-12 years old. Kids at this age are not very independent and solely depend on their parents for each and everything. During their stay at the lounge they will be fully dependent on the staff. While designing the lounge it should be designed to access the services at ease by the kids thems elves.EXAMPLE- the upper side of the furniture should be of standard kids size. The toilets also need to be of the same standard size for kids.HOMELY ENVIRONMENTSince the kids will be travelling alone for them the airport will be a little big to handle and they might get scared but these lounges will be designed in such a way that the kids feel like they are home safe and sound. They will have their own area where they can play, eat, and enjoy without beingness scared of being alone.ATTENTION TO especial(a) NEEDSThe age of kids vary from 5-12 years and they might be kids with any form of disability so they need special care and attention from the staff. The toilets and the furniture would be different for the disabled. A special kind of adroitness will be available for kids with special needs to make them feel comfortable with the rest of the kids.DESIGN CONCEPTThe lounges are for the kids and the design concepts for the kids have to be very colorful and comfortable and lot preca utions will have to be taken for the safety of the kids. The color combinations and the outlay for the lounge have to be very colorful and have a more of an open plan rather than having too many doors or partitions which could make the kids feel a bit lost in the lounge. In the lounge no kind of dangerous material can be used like glass which could break easily while the kids play and cause an wounding to the kids. The materials like wood, plastic are the best materials to be used in the lounge.SERVICES AVAILABLE AT THE LOUNGESEvery airport is different all over the world but they all are for the same purpose. It depends in which country the airport is to make it look different from all the other airports in the world. For example an airport in Las Vegas, United States will emphatically have a casino at the airport to entertain the people as11Las Vegas is known for gambling, fine dinning and shopping. There are many other facilities available at the airport varying from one airpor t to the other.12Lounges offer a variety of services for all age group and making every passengers journey stress free.Every lounge offers the following services to its passengers-Complementary refreshmentsFree access to wifiComfortable sofasNewspaper and magazinesalcoholic beverage and non alcohol drinksVariety of buffetAnd many lounges for example Emirates Lounge offers facilities like-Swimming poolPersonal meeting roomsMassage roomsSpasGymsKids play areaANTHROPOMETRYAnthropometrics deals with the measurements of the physical characteristics of forgiving beings particularly shapes and sizes, the range of human dimensions from foot length to shoulder width. It also includes the minimum or optimum dimensions needed for a human being to perform activities.HEIGHTAge (years)Height (inches)233336438540REACHAge (years)Reach (inches)240343445547 academic session linear perspectiveAge (years)Space Covered(inches)220 x 20320 x 20422 x 22524 x 24SQUATTING POSITIONAge (years)Space Covered ( inches)227 x 30330 x 30433 x 33534 x 34STANDING STRETCHED girdAge (years)Length (inches)233336438540DESIGN CONCEPT OF THE LOUNGEThe lounge is for kids and keeping this mind the design of the lounge will be very unique and attract kids towards the lounge. The lounge is spread on an area of 200200 fledge feet forming a shape of a square. The lounge will be having different zones or rooms specially provided for the kids. cheer zoneFood dallyToiletsPlay areaSleeping areaDrink Bar fun ZONE vault of heavenWallsFloor crownFurniture pattern base of operationsThis zone is especially for boys who love to play video games and enjoy themselves. This room is like a big open area with very minimum furniture and more of gaming stations so that kids can have fun during their stay at the lounge. The lounge will have proper gaming chairs and sofas only.FOOD COURTArea eccentricWallsFloorCeilingFurniturePurposeThemeThe food court is going to be very unique in design and menu concept. There will be all kind of food served such Chinese, continental, Italian, Indian, Mexican and Siamese so that kids can get food of their choice even being away from home. There will be a buffet governing body 24 hours a day. The kids can eat as much they like and when they like. The furniture will be very funky and colorful in design and will be made according to the ergonomics for the kids. hearten ZONEAreaTypeWallsFloorCeilingFurniturePurposeThemeThe play area is for kids under the age if 12years old and the room is an open plan. Its a big room where there are annulus houses, stuff toys, slides, swings. All the games and swings will be in door. Every receding will have a different theme concept like jungle, doll house, anchor pit area and teddy bears. Sand pit area will be depicting an area on a beach where kids can play in sand build sand houses. This room is specially for keeping the kids occupied with board games as well like chess, ludo, snakes and ladder and card games.SLEEPING AREAAr eaTypeWallsFloorCeilingFurniturePurposeThemeDRINKS BARAreaTypeWallsFloorCeilingFurniturePurposeThemeEntertainment zone will include xbox stations and television for keeping the kids well occupied. The room will have special gaming chairs where kids can play and enjoy themselves in the comfortable chairs. The room isFood court will serve different variety of cuisines from all over the world.Sleeping area is for children under the ages of 5years who need cots or beds for sleeping.A drink bar is making the kids feel they are grown ups and to make it look different a bar will be provided where only soft drinks will be served.COLOR PSYCHOLOGYColor adds meaning to life if there were no colors it would make all things dull. In the lounge the colors used will be more bright and vibrant like red, blue, yellow, pink, green, and purple.Color psychology is about how colors make them feel since different colors reflect different parts of the brain it is very much needful while designing any cre ative space or using for inspiration or to reflect mood.Reflection of these colors will throw a big impact on the mood of kids therefore it is very important to choose the right colors for the interiors of the lounge.

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