Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Characteristics Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Characteristics - Term Paper pillow slipThis is the micro perspective which is embedded in its psychological genesis and emphasizes the fact that there are undivided variations in attributes which impact individual responses (Klein & Kozlowski). Neither perspective is enough alone (Michalski & Tecuci, 1994, p.381). Aggregate perspective tends to reduce individual differences that make a person behave the way he does. A mere instruction on aggregate characteristics poses risk of showiness and worthlessness in the organizational culture. Contrarily, when only individual take attributes are considered, this tends to ignore contextual aspects that lead to collective responses. Thus, aggregate perspectives lead to misspecifications because there is no inductive reasoning of lower levels which makes it impossible to formulate a meaningful policy. Also, individual-level perspectives lead to problems formulating human resource management policies. Hence, a combined approach is required that integrates both the perspectives (Cameron, Sutton & Whetten, 1988). References Cameron, K.S., Sutton, R.I., Whetten, D.A. (1988). Readings in Organizational Decline Frameworks, Research, and Prescriptions.

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