Wednesday, April 24, 2019

How the content of this web page relates to the materials presented in Assignment

How the surfeit of this web rascal relates to the materials presented in Chapters 11, 12 and 13 - Assignment ExampleWal-Marts service lecture and commitment to satisfying their customers is expressed on this web page by saying that their energy, passion and note for individuals are some of their core values in service delivery.This web page alike shows Wal-Marts commitment to the community sense of belonging whereby they have sites that show their commitment to protecting the environment, helping others especially the less fortunate, community investment and supporting people. This web page basically advertises careers for people looking for employment, also how Walmart as a whole has different sections all under one roof.This is cover under communication channel enrichment. This explains how variety, identity and significance contribute to motivating a worker by means of the job itself. This self-motivation is evidently brought pop out on Walmarts web page when they say that their entrepreneurial spirits drive them to grow and bring out daily.This is covered under recruitment strategy and policy. This involves recruiting skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled employees. Walmarts page shows this recruitment policy by advertising jobs online and the jobs are offered in different locations for different people and it can be easily accessed online.This is covered under a collective bargaining power of unions. Since Walmart has different employees from different places all over the country, they incessantly try to give them a collective voice to help them air their views and complaints to the management, and this is clearly seen under Walmarts core values which include treating employees equally and respecting them too.This is well covered under open communication. Walmart web page offers an open kind of communication in that job application can be done through online and when they also say that they walk the talk to mean that whatever they say they act on i t or put it into action.This can be discussed

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