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Spies Essay Example for Free

Spies EssayMichael Frayn uses a unique style of writing in the saucy Spies, doubled storey. So in this essay there will be an investigation into this characteristic style of writing that magnetises the audience, as it makes the audience feel part of the explanation. Stephen and Stefan versions of accounts vary, this appeals to the audience as it leaves you guessing besides many unanswered questions during the plot. Dual narration has many positives to contri notwithstandinge to the novel, for example numerous independent viewpoints. barely during this novel not entirely independent view points, as the narrators remain the equal indivi bivalent in two separate time periods. The older character Stefan has the benefit of hindsight whilst remember the in timets of that summer in the 1940s. Whilst Stephen as the enthusiasm of a typical young lad. The two accounts vary as memories are forgotten or Stefan hasnt remembered the events in the correct chronological order. (Frayn, S pies, p. 32) So this essay will look into the effect that dual narration has upon on the lector throughout the novel.Michael Frayn is unresolved of using dual narration to such an brilliant extent during Spies because he as an author is able to connect with the character Stephen and Stefan. The reason as to why these connections can be made is because Michael Frayn would have grown up as a child during the same time period as we see Stephen growing up in the novel, World War 2. (literature. britishcouncil. org/michael-frayn). This overly indicates that Frayn would have same ability to remember certain events and recall the memories in the same manner as what Stefan does.The nature of the dual narration in this novel can become frustrating for the reader. (Hudson, everything is as it was, but everything has changed) The slow progression through the story generates complacency, as the reader wants to advance to the significant events, before the story arrives at them. As you seem to progress quicker than Stephen is able to, because of the hints and clues Stefan has informed you off prior to Stephens narrating. Even when Stephen finally describes the event, many of the questions you find yourself asking do not get answered.However the latent hostility and anxiety that Frayn is capable of creating whilst leaving many questions opened and unanswered can entice the reader get along into the depth of the novel. (Holtsberry, 2004). This effect gets the readers mind thinking about the possibilities and directions the story could precede and conclude in. Nevertheless you do find yourself bemused when the story continues in an opposite direction as to the one you had expected it to follow. During Spies dual narration is capable of portraying how an individuals outlook can change over a period time.The memories can be forgotten, they can be missed interpreted, or the memories Stefan possesses may not even be his memories, instead they maybe what he wanted to happen instead. (Frayn, Spies, P. 233) This specific passage of the text indicates that Stefan is capable of remembering and realising how significant certain childhood memories are, even though he did not realise the immenseness or even consider the possible outcomes at the time as a childs memory is an innocent one.Its only with hind sight that Stefan is capable of understand the importance of Stephens memories. (Lancaster, the impudent York Book Review). The reader is allowed to accept and believe in Stephenss memories and recollection of events only for Stefan to later on correct the series of events. This can also get extremely confusing for the reader, because Stefan and Stephen at various points with in the Novel have a conflict or memories. The way in which Michael Frayn has used the dual narration technique to write Spies has made the novel one of mystery and suspense.It engages the reader into the depth of the Novel. This leaves many readers having to start up certain chapters , or even rereading the entire novel to obtain and figure out the answers to the questions Frayn has cleverly go away opened. The way in which in the novel flows from past to present also engulfs the reader, as you are everlastingly trying to figure out Stephens next move through the narrative of Stefan. As a reader this absorbs you into the novel as you feel as though youre a character in the novel alongside Stephen in his childhood.

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