Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Investigating the Relationship Between Women and Crime :: Papers

A consistent feature of the statistics, not only in England and Wales but across Europe and America, is that far less women are convicted of crime than men a fact which has changed little over the years. Female offenders also show a different pattern of offending organism less involved in violent offences and proportionately more involved in theft. In general most now accept that girls and women do trust fewer offences than boys. GENDER AND PATTERNS OF CRIME Writing in 1977 Carol Smart stated Our knowledge is still in its infancy. In comparison with the massive software documentation on all aspects of male delinquency and criminality, the amount of work carried out on the area of women and crime is extremely limited. Although the years since Smarts take have seen much more interest in the study of female crime and deviance, many general theories in this area continue to neglect sex as a factor influencing criminality. This is despite the fact that official figures suggest that gender is perhaps the most significant single factor in whether an individualistic is convicted of crime. Any theories which fail to explain this relationship could therefore be seen as inadequate. OFFICIAL STATISTICS, CRIMINALITY AND GENDER Pollak the masked female offender chivalry dissertation Writing in 1950, Otto pollak argued that official statistics on gender and crime were highly misleading. He claimed that the statistics seriously under-estimated the extent of female criminality. From an examination of official figures in a number of different countries he claimed to have identified certain crimes that are usually committed by women but are particularly likely to be unreported. Pollak went on to give reasons as to why there should be an under-recording of female crime. 1. He argues that the police, magistrates and other law enforcement officials tend to be men. Brought up to be chivalrous, they are usual ly lenient with female offenders so that fewer women appear in the statistics. However, he regards this as only a minor factor

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