Friday, May 10, 2019

Group Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Group Ethics - Essay ExampleIn the next fewer pages, this essay will take an in depth look at constabulary crimes, especially police brutality, and de enclosureine if an individual officer is likely to report crimes against fellow officers.Most laypeople have heard the term blue wall of silence. It refers to the fact that police officers, colloquially called boys in blue, do not report the crimes of unmatchable another, and would, in fact, lie to defend another officer if necessary. The author of Police Ethics and Integrity prisonbreak the Blue Code of Silence (Westmarland, 2005) administered a take away that showed some evidence to the contrary. She performed a questionnaire survey that revealed officers attitudes towards trusted unethical behaviour (Westmarland, 2005). The questionnaire asked officers about a wide range of crimes including accepting gifts from business owners, accepting capital from citizens caught in traffic violations, but wanting to avoid tickets, stealin g items from crime scenes, and committing unfounded acts against community residents. The results of the study showed that in some instances, officers would feel compelled to report the bad deeds of other officers. For example, 97 percent of officers inform they would tell on a fellow officer if he saw him taking m adepty from a found wallet 98.5 percent of officers reported that would inform against an officer who stole a watch from a crime scene but only 65.5 percent of those officers thought that hitting a suspect during an bring forth was a very serious offense, and a small number of officers felt that punching a suspect was not serious at all. Basically speaking, the blue wall seems to have its own code of ethics. Officers who are violent against citizens are still more acceptable than officers who break the law for financial gain.Racial profiling, or targeting members of a particular ethnic group based on preconceived notions about that group, is thought to be one

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