Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Urbanization And China Example

Urbanization And China Example Urbanization And China – Coursework Example URBAN PLANNING URBAN PLANNING There was restriction on the rural-urban migration which were set by the government. Secondly, it was the rustication period where the employment opportunities or prospects of a better life in the urban centers was bleak and less. Thirdly, there was the agricultural responsibility system which benefited the people in the rural areas and thus they had little or less incentives to move to urban areas and increase the population of urban areas. The Chinese government increased the foreign direct investment incentives and encouraged more investments into China which encouraged more jobs in the urban centers. In principle, the government changed some of the restrictive and punitive legislations and policies that hindered the flow of foreign investments and chances or opportunities. The urbanization movement has been balanced regionally, because the counties or states which have higher economic endowments have higher population and number of people. Thus, coun ties such as Shanghai has higher population due to prospects of opportunities of employments. China faces a surge and challenge of a very high population which cannot be fed or taken care of by the existing natural resources and endowments. It is challenging to struggle with limited resources yet the number of people able and willing to work at the existing wage rate is high. As a remedy, it would be critical to control the high population by adopting family planning tendencies and approaches. Secondly, china may give the interest groups such as youths and women grants and other incentives to start their own businesses and employment since the government cannot accommodate the high population. ReferenceLevy, J.M. (2013). Contemporary urban planning (10th ed.). Upper Saddler River, NJ: Pearson-Prentice Hall Press.

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