Friday, November 1, 2019

Subjective and Objective Perspectives of Photography Essay

Subjective and Objective Perspectives of Photography - Essay Example This quotation mentions a highly debated argument of the twenty-first century- the challenge associated with the reliability of camera-generated imagery and its contrast with paintings. Photographs have the tendency to mold our thinking in a way we never dreamt of. Following is a critical analysis of this comment about subjective and objective perspectives of photography. In recent years awareness about the nature of camera imagery made people change their stereotypical views regarding the issue. In order to support my essay, I have quoted references from related literature to further elaborate this viewpoint. â€Å"Photographic images have historically enjoyed, in our societies, a unique role, based for the most part on their supposed credibility. They have been acknowledged to offer a truthful visual representation of the world and our societies accept it as truth sentences such as "Photographs don't lie," "A picture is worth a thousand words," and "Seeing is believing" (Garvard, 1999). Camera generated images experience a subjective overtone together with automatic and mechanized actions involved in photography. Over the years images have played a unique role in different societies because of the evidence that they are real representations of the events being captured. The main criticism is against the idea of believing what you see in a photograph as the images are not logically true. Rather, they are treated according to the aspiration of the photographer in order to assimilate certain meanings to them. With the passage of time and with technological advancement photographers manipulate the photo with subjective elements like personalization and framing. There is also a personal touch to photographs, as photographers project their own opinions into the image from choosing what to shoot to managing the picture’s background.

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