Thursday, November 21, 2019

Any topic you think is good for my paper Assignment - 1

Any topic you think is good for my paper - Assignment Example The perception of the society on comic book is based on abstract description given by the images depicted in articles and books. In brief, the definition is provided by the work of art (Faigley and Selzer). Ideally, Scott argues that the comic art should not be presented in the way it has been. The art should be simple and depict natural art. The creation of new approach to learning is vital, but the creation of conclusive understanding of terms of reference is essential in the education process. The definition argument by Scott highlights the difference in understanding of terms created by media and other related depiction (Faigley and Selzer). Additionally, the influence of traditional educational practices is evident in the creation of terms such as the traditional understanding words. The new definition of comic is based on comparison of other arts with the comic art depicted by work Scott is change of ideas on the comic articles, which have been perceived in a different way. In conclusion, the article by Scott redefines the term

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