Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sheikh Mohammed and the Making of Dubai Inc Essay

Sheikh Mohammed and the Making of Dubai Inc - Essay Example He founded the Emirates airlines that now covers over 100 destinations, and developed the thriving real estate market of Dubai. Such rapid development was primarily achieved by adopting capitalist market values, and despite the unfavorable conditions in the surrounding countries Sheikh Mohammed with his strong leadership qualities managed to turn Dubai into a story of success. However the success story of Dubai were not without its pitfalls, and there were claims of violation of human rights of thousands of laborers that had migrated from other countries in search of jobs, while there were claims by local inhabitants of the place losing its own cultural values. Besides these, the real estate business which had been one of the major driving forces behind Dubai’s astronomical economic growth was showing signs of falling apart during the global economic crises that started in 2007-2008. In order to counteract these negative aspects and maintain a stable socio-economic growth of D ubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed had to adopt tactics that integrated his skills as a business entrepreneur and a skillful business leader, with that of an effective political head of a country. Sheikh Mohammed’s leadership style and approach shows traits of a visionary leader with traits of transformational leadership qualities.... This quality is evident in Sheikh Mohammed where it is seen that while serving as Head of Police and Security, and Director of the Department of Oil, he successfully collaborated with Conoco and many other foreign companies, while concurrently dealing effectively with a large number foreign consultants, laborers, and field workers from countries across the world, residing in Dubai. An effective leader is generally motivated to seek one of the two types of power, personalized (where one looks for personal power and sense of authority) or socialized (seeks collaboration). From the aforementioned style of working, it is clear that Sheikh Mohammed looked for socialized power where he sought collaboration from firms, experts and workers worldwide. Sheikh Mohammed, through various interviews can effectively communicate and pass his messages regarding his visions and strategy, as regards growth and development of his country, and he uses it successfully to convince his own countrymen and ot her powerful leaders and businessmen all across the world. Effective leaders also must possess self-confidence, in order to create a sense of self-esteem in others working around him or her, while still preserving a high level of personal integrity. Along with this ability the leader must possess the ability to affect an organization horizontally, vertically, externally and internally. Here the leader must gain acceptance of others involved, if he or she wishes to see a particular idea come true. The capability to forge collaborative relationships and to form an atmosphere that is conducive in nature for team work, are typical characteristics of an effective leader. This characteristic is

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