Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Reading and Researching Social Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Reading and Researching Social Science - Essay Example This overturns assumptions that refugees get into UK for economic purposes. In previous times, principle refugee applicants were male but recently females are also assuming the roles the males had. UK does not have a standard induction programme for immigrants. The Zimbabweans asylums do not have to have knowledge of living and working in UK. The accessible services vary with the regions that they live in. The asylum seekers receive support from the UK Border Agency (BIA) which provides accommodation for the asylum seekers. Zimbabwe has been having volatile elections which have been stained by violence, intimidation, rigging and buying of votes by use of food (Home Office: 2009b).in the 2000’s drought, food shortages and land seizures continued to destroy Zimbabwe (Reuters Alertnet: 2009). 2005 saw the formulation of the Operation Restore Order. The political as well as economic instability caused inflation in that country when money got printed to meet the budget deficit. The International community criticized Mugabe for the tarnished human rights record. The political unrest and worsening of the economy in Zimbabwe took place at a time UK was reforming its asylum system (Scott, 2010). The bequest of this is a not straight forward patchwork of Zimbabweans refugees. In accordance with the 2001 census, the number of Zimbabweans living in the UK is 49,303. This indicated a 130% increase from 1991 when there were only 21,427 Zimbabweans in the UK. This increase is attributed to the opening out of the NHS which had many Zimbabweans attracted and also political turmoil Zimbabwe. In a recent study which researched among the Zimbabweans living in UK revealed that political unrest is the major reason for immigration to the UK. London and its environments commuter towns have the highest concentration of Zimbabweans. However, they still remain scattered around the

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