Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Living longer now Essay

These days, people in all over the world have a higher level of standard in their lives. Food preparation has become easier and they do not consume just local food. Education gives people to learn more about their world and also themselves. Now they know what is better and how they can get it. A very important matter that has reached a better situation with respect to those days is health. This is obvious that people live longer than before because there are different statistics which show this fact. I think the development of science that results the technological progress and also the improvement of the health system in all societies are two important reasons for a longer life. Man has a lot of progress in scientific areas. He has discovered unknown rules, achieved new theories, and invented different tools and instruments. All of these give him the ability to increase his knowledge and consequently find more and more. Developing new instruments is medical science is one the most important things that helps people to have a better opportunity for a healthier life. For example, different diseases can be cured by new method operations that have not existed before and these operations would not be possible without hi-tech tools. Governments realized that a country with healthy people can be more successful and the only way they can achieve this aim is improving the public health system. Water should not be contaminated. There must be an inspection system that supervise food standards. Sufficient number of hospitals and doctors in different regions are curtail. People should be acknowledged to avoid what is not good for their health. For example, having a lot of fat in dairy diet will affect them by increasing blood cholesterol and other chemicals that may increase the death toll. As a result, I think in a world that has a fast pace and when every one must try hard to get a better life, health problems are the most important problems that education and health system in each society are two different factors that decrease the death rate and help people to have a longer living.

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