Friday, September 13, 2019

Business research methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Business research methods - Essay Example Trends were detected through the tabulation of related figures and the preparation of bar graphs and pie charts that served to clearly illustrate the movement, direction or trend from one year to the next. The researcher proceeded to focus on the construction industry in UK. Primary data were generated by way of conducting interviews and giving out questionnaires for both selected industry major players and for randomly selected representatives of the industry market. Research is basically done to gather data in a systematic manner and to interpret such data in the same systematic manner; throughout the process, the purpose of discovering relevant truths should be clearly imprinted in the mind of the researcher (Saunders, Lewis & Thornhill, 2007: 5). The procedures to gather primary data were done to document the sentiments and views of the people in the industry in their various post. Both similarities and differences amongst the answers they provided to uniform questions were recor ded and analysed to further analyse the impact of the prevailing industry condition on the individual characters making up the industry group. The data gathered were not limited to the construction industry. ... This report can be revised to suit any particular group of users. After all, a research paper can only be useful to the extent that it addresses the concerns and needs of its reader. This truth applies to all written works, including industry profiles and management research papers. Researchers must be mindful of and responsive to the concerns and interests of practitioners - the users of the finished reports - for their research output to serve a purpose and become valuable (Bryman & Bell, 2007: 5). To serve the needs of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), it can be made to cover more useful details including the needs and demands of the country’s construction industry that can, in turn, be catered to by the SMEs. These needs and demands of the industry can be analysed using supply value chains that would efficiently demonstrate how the needs of the industry as a whole can actually be addressed by properly organising SMEs to produce the required volumes and quantities of the necessary products or to provide the required services. To serve the needs of Multinational Enterprises (MNEs), more data on the investment opportunities and incentives that are offered by the UK government should be incorporated in the report. The comparative advantages of UK, as well, as the next expansion site of MNEs in the construction industry should be drummed up. Tax holidays and other corporate benefits offered by the country to MNEs should be covered in detail. Meanwhile, independent investors who might wish to buy shares of construction companies that are listed in the bourse would want to see the individual financial performance indicators of the industry leaders and to have

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