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New concept of Marriage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

New concept of Marriage - Essay Example Marriages are different depending on the tradition and culture of the spouses and they are carried out differently. In most African and even Asian culture for example, the beginning of a marriage is the paying of the dowry to the bride’s parents as a token of appreciation essentially which is soon followed by a traditional wedding ceremony which can be solemnized later in church or not. The whites do not care so much about the issue of bride price or paying dowry and most do not even officially seek a formal hand in marriage from the bride’s side of the family. They simply move to the wedding part and the marriage soon begins. Research has verified this by indicating that in Africa, over 60% of marriages have dowry payment paid while in Europe and America, the figure is less than that and the majority are the African-Americans (Peterson and Bush 685). It is an open secret that the rate of divorce among the whites is way higher than it is among the Africans and Asians as indicated in the article in The Economist by its editor, (2011) which explains that divorce rate in Asia is only about 2per every 1000 while in America in 3.7 and in Britain 3.4 for every 1000. Others argue that this is because of the lack of a staunch tradition on the part of the spouses and especially in engaging the parents of the spouses in the affair. For the Africans for example, during the traditional marriage ceremony and preparations and before the bride or groom is handed over to their significant other, the family and especially the same sex parent has serious discussion with the bride or groom about what marriage entails and what will be expected of them in terms of fulfillment of roles and duties and how to engage in all these. These are called trading secrets of the ups and downs to expect and how to handle each and every one of them. By the time they are officially starting the marriage, each party is aware of the reality

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