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History of Hans Frank

History of Hans Frank Dylan Myers   THESIS STATEMENT In my Holocaust research report for Mr. Benevento and Mrs. Welch, I will discuss Hans Frank; I will focus on his diary, his imprisonment, his background and his purpose of the Holocaust. I will also talk about what happened in his life. Outline Holocaust Intro Quote Why its important to learn about. Thesis Statement. Hans Frank Background Birth Family Life Early Childhood+Education War/ Military Background How he got to his position Role in Nazi Admin Imprisonment Reason Diary Trial/Death Conclusion INTRODUCTION I ask nothing of the Jews except that they should disappear. (Hans Frank) The Holocaust was the murder of six million Jews. Hans Frank was the Governor General of Poland. He was arrested and murdered on October 16, because he killed a lot of Jews. In my Holocaust research report for Mr. Benevento and Mrs. Welch, I will discuss Hans Frank; I will focus on his diary, his imprisonment, his background and his purpose of the Holocaust. I will also talk about what happened in his life. Hans Frank was born on May 23,1900 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Frank was born into a middle-class Catholic family. Frank had an older brother, Karr Jr. and a young sister, named Elizabeth. Franks father was a lawyer so Frank went to Law school to become a lawyer as well. In 1917 Frank, served in the German army in the World War 2. Frank also joined the German Workers Party. On April 2, 1925 Frank married 29 year old Brigitte Herbst. Frank continued to study law and in 1926 he passed the final examinations and became a Legal Advisor for Hitler. Frank had 5 children Sigrid Frank born in 1927. Norman Frank born in 1928, Brigitte Frank born in 1935. Also had 2 other kids named Michael Frank born in 1937, and Niklas Frank born in 1938. While they had Other children their marriage didnt go so well so Frank asked for a divorce in 1942. Brigitte begged and begged for Frank not to divorce her. Frank became the Chief Administration officer for Polish territories. On October 12,1939 Frank became the Governor General of the Polish Territory. In 1939 Frank now became the President of the German Academy Of Law. Frank got his position in the Military because he went to school and studied law and because he had a contribute to the Fuhrestaat. Frank was actually one of Hitlers top lieutenants. Franks role in the Nazi was commissioner and reformer. During World War I Frank joined the German Army. After the war Frank joined the Freikorps. Soon after that Frank joined the Nazi party. After that he became a legal advisor for Hitler and the Nazi Party. Hitler appointed Frank Minister of Justice in Bavaria in 1933, after Hitler became Chancellor. In 1939 Hitler then mad Frank the Governor General of Poland. Hans Frank was arrested by troops on May 3, 1945 at Tegernsee lake in Germany. Hans Frank went to prison because he was responsible for the murder of thousands of Polish Civilians and Jews. While in prision Frank had a diary during his administration role.. The diary has a total of 38 volumes, and included speeches, transcripts of conferences, and minutes of cabinet sessions. Frank was captured by troops on May 3, 1945 at Tegernsee. On his first day in prison Frank tried to commit suicide by trying to cut his throat, but failed to do so. Hand Frank then went to trial on November 20, 1945. He then tried to commit suicide again two days after by lacerating his arm, but this failed as well. Frank was found indicted under four counts. Then Frank was found not guilty on counts one and two but found guilty on counts three and four. Frank admitted to his guilt in the Holocaust. Frank was sentenced to death on October 1, 1946. Frank was executed on October 16, 1946. Hans Frank was the only p erson who entered the gas chamber with a smile on his face. Frank even said im thankful for my treatment during my captivity and I want to ask god to accept me with mercy. This is all about Hans Frank. It talked about his background, his role in the war/ military, and his imprisonment. In his background it first talked about his birth, then his family life, then his Early childhood and education. The second thing it talked about was the War/ Military background. This talked about how he got to his position in the war and his Role in the Nazi Admin. The third thing it talks about is his imprisonment. This talked about the Reason he went to jail, his Diary he wrote, and his trial and death. This is all about Hans Frank. WORKS CITED Hans Frank. Retrieved from http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/nazi-germany/nazi-leaders/hans-frank/ Hans Frank. Retrieved from http://www.holocaustresearchproject.org/ar/frank.html Hans Frank. Retrieved from https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/nuremberg-trial-defendants-hans-frank Hans Frank. Retrieved from http://spartacus-educational.com/GERfrank.htm Journal And Office Records Of Hans Frank, Governor General O. Retrieved from http://nuremberg.law.harvard.edu/documents/3796-journal-and-office-records?q=*#p.1 Nuremberg Trial Judgements: Hans Frank. Retrieved from http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/nuremberg-trial-judgements-hans-frank United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Retrieved from https://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007108 War And Social Upheaval: World War 2biographies Hans Frank. Retrieved from http://histclo.com/essay/war/ww2/bio/f/bio-frankh.html

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