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Managers and HR Professionals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Managers and HR Professionals - Essay Example Despite the facts that supervisors remain in close contact with employees and are aware of their needs and requirements, their opinions are over rules and ignored. This reflects through improper selection of candidates, high rates of attrition of crucial resources, rising costs of recruitments and high investments in training and developmental activities. Supervisors are subjected to too much scrutiny and inspection which keeps them from performing to the best of their abilities. b) ‘Should managers be given more autonomy to make decision making, but what are some of the drawbacks of doing so?’ It is recommended that managers are given greater autonomy in handling HR activities of the organization. This is because they remain in close connection with their subordinates and know about their shortcomings, strengths, training needs, causes of frustrations and resentment which causes them to leave. Greater autonomy would allow them to manage the workforce according to the sp ecific needs of the situation and this would help keep employees satisfied which would further better their performance. However, too much autonomy of the managers might give them the opportunity to exploit the workers and deprive them of their deserving. c) ‘How should top executive deal with the situation and more specifically, how should the HR director deal with it?’ The top executives and the Director can resolve the situation by providing greater authority to the supervisors and line managers in handling the workforce activities. However, at the same time they must closely review the performance of the managers so as to ensure that their decisions are safe and favorable for the organization (Armstrong & Baron, 2002, p.119). 2. Boeing and Airbus Outsourcing a) Describe the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing for these companies, as described in the article. The main advantages of outsourcing for these companies is that they can avail a highly talented and q ualified workforce and skills which are not available in their own country. Additionally the rare skills can be employed at a much less compensation level as compared to a worker who is employed in the home country. Thus it is cost effective to outsource activities in foreign nations. However, the main disadvantage lies in the fact that exchange rates are subject to fluctuations and can severe loss to a company when the value of currency in the home nation falls as compared to the guest nation, as happened in the case of Airbus when the value of dollar rose. b) Are there ethical considerations involved in this type of outsourcing? Please explain. Such fluctuations in the exchange rates causing great losses for the companies generally results in job cuts to compensate for the loss, which is regarded as an unethical practice. Also discontentment among workers results in strikes, demanding unfair claims from workers which pose significant loss for the company (Brewster & Harris, 1999, p.27). 3. Importance of Tolerance in the Workplace Incident no. 1 a) Should ABC comply with its client’s request? It is recommended that ABC Temps abides by its client’s request of removing Susan from the particular job role. This is because every

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