Thursday, June 13, 2019

Those Winter Sundays Poem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Those Winter Sundays Poem - Essay ExampleThis comparison of a cold winter day with the fathers endeavors contributes to the writers physical exercise of harsh imagery. The consonants are bravely spread out over the poem making it a powerfully illustration of love and fury. The poem is mixed with images secern a sons journey of remembering his fathers actions that were completely overlooked in his barbarianhood but now as a man, he recalls them with respect. The poem presents the theme of love that is not returned and the theme of regret which the speaker feels after his father is no more.Robert Hayden has presented the love of a father for his child who does not care slightly the fact whether his son loves him in return for it or not. This unconditional love is explained as the father does not care about his own fatigue and he maneuvers to light up the fireplace to make the house warm for his family. The poet expresses the fact that this act of devotion of the father was driven b y his love for his family as he sacrificed his own rest for the sake of his familys solacement. This is explained by the poet in these lines, then with cracked hands that ached/ from labor in the weekday weather condition made/ banked fires blaze. No one ever thanked him. These lines express the deep love of the father who did not care about his pain and suffering and his familys comfort was his highest priority.The regret of the poet for not being thankful to his father has been explained in the poem as well. The poet explains that his father had faced many difficulties but despite of all his hardships, he wanted to make his family comfortable. The poet regrets for not loving his father back in return and for not being grateful to him for the sacrifices he gave for his family. The poet feels sad when he remembers how he had been unmoved and uncaring to the efforts made by his father to express his love for his family. The last

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