Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Role of Programme Assistant and Casting Director Essay

The Role of Programme Assistant and Casting Director - Essay ExampleThe author describes how he encountered numerous obstacles in making the micro-blog cinema. It was challenging to get the right actors and best shooting locations, there were power fluctuations, and he struggled to organize the scenes. However, the police detective worked very hard to sub the micro-blog movie in almost 2 weeks. Luckily, his camera operator had immense experience in this field and helped him a lot to capture the best shots. Indeed, the researcher enjoyed the shooting process very much as he experienced new shooting tricks. The author organized his crew well and maximized the available time. However, the researcher underestimated the huge editing work and collaborated with his crew to make a clear, organized, and focused movie. The author spent his nights editing the movie. He appreciated the contributions of the entire crew in making the movie. Ultimately, the researcher was pleased with the final copy though he is certain he can do better in the future. The author passed the micro-blog movie to a professional casting director who made few recommendations. From this experience, the researcher learned that he is a thoroughly team leader, quick learner, and a good time manager. The author also learned that he has immense interest in film production that he should pursue to a higher level.

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