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Introduction to Interview and Interrogation Essay

This paper that I am about to bring through is a case study on a juvenile proclaimion. When I read this story it re each(prenominal)y bothered me that novel people confess when they get in front of highschool authority people plane if they didnt do anything. Are these so called lawyers, attorneys and prosecutors, scaring these young people so much that they tell them things to desexualize them confess?Well after(prenominal) indication this story, I have realized that this has happened to a greater extent than once, and is becoming to be a pattern with some of these big shot people that are so-called to take the law seriously and help those in need, not make the ones in need of help scared half to death to involve us for it. On November 7, 1994, in the neighborhood of Englewood, on the south status of Chicago, a worker was outside cleaning up behind a liquor store and when he went to the dumpster to put the garbage in, he plunge the body of an African American wo patch who was badly beaten.When the woman was identified, the make out that she was a prostitute and her call forth was Nina Gloer. At the scene of the crime, the policed interviewed a male who was a resident of the neighborhood, his name was Johnny Douglas. He denied that he knew the victim so the police let him go. Now quad months after finding this woman in the dumpster, the police had no leads plainly soul called them and gave them a tip, so they acted on it.They arrested intravenous feeding African American teenagers, (Vincent Thames, Terrill Swift, Har experienced Richardson and Michael Saunders) for inquisitive and according to Detective James Cassidy, after interviewing the four, he tell that all of them voluntarily confessed to the mop up, saying that they all four took turns raping Nina Glover in the lead they actually hit her. Now deoxyribonucleic acid testing excluded these four teenagers as the source of source that was recovered from Glovers body, and all four boys claimed that the acknowledg custodyts that they had given had been coerced.See more how to start an essayEven with that said the boys were sentenced based on the sign statements with such detail that they had given about their involvement. In return the venire convicted them each a prison term that ranged up to 30 to 40 years each. The media and the world had given these four teenagers, a group name that would seem to last and latch on to them forever, the Englewood Four. In the year of 2010, twain of the boys had requested advanced STR which DNA is testing that comes along with a database await of the genetic profiles f criminals. The test were opposed by the Cook County prosecutors because contending some(prenominal) was done, the trial court judgments were said to be final. Finally, a arbitrator comprehend about what was being asked, and he ordered it to be done and when he did, the results came back in May and the results were stunning. The DNA matched a person that the cops had interviewed skillful at the crime scene when it happened, none other than Johnny Douglas. So, with that said and done, the four teenagers had to be ruled out and exonerated.As the four young men now, families waited for them to come home, they were ready to give them a big get or so it seemed until the States Attorney Anita Alvarez announced that she would smartly fight their release that they had just been granted. Now Johnny Douglas was a man with a long history of preying on prostitutes. He excessively had a rap sheet that was really impressive he had 38 convictions, including murder and sexual assault. In the year 2008, someone shot him to death. There were a lot of questions after the exoneration of the four boys and some of those questions were seriously to be thought about?For instance How did these four confess to crimes that they did not vow? wherefore did the DNA testing take so long? Why has the states attorney of Cook County Anita Alveraz, persistently fo ught justice for the four? Last but not least, how could the teenagers have provided so many expatiate about the crime if they didnt commit it? Meanwhile, while all these questions surfaced, Alveraz had her avow theory as to what happened at the scene of the crime. She tells us that she thinks that Douglas had sex, unprotected with Glover, left wing her, without harm and later on she was raped and murdered by the Englewood four. Alveraz withal said that Douglas didnt kill every other prostitute that he had ever been with, and that DNA evidence in and of itself isnt always the atomic number 47 bullet that its sometimes perceived to be Where does this tec Cassidy clothe into this? Well as I kept on reading this story, I realized that he was the detective that actually was the one questioning the four boys and what he said, was the reason they were convicted because he said they confessed to him. Well, turns out that old detective Cassidy also had a rap sheet of his own.In 1994 , the year before this case, the detective had taken a confession from and 11 year old African American boy who was supposed to murder an elderly smock woman on the southwest side of Chicago. A federal settle listened to the confession and concluded that his statement had been coerced and the conviction was tossed out the door and the judge ordered the childs record to be immediately expunged. once again in 1998, detective Cassidy was back, now this time he had another high profile confession with 2 African American boys ages 7 and 8.They admitted cleanup position and 11 year old Ryan Harris and dumping her body out in a backyard. All of this is what Cassidy claims that they said. These two confessions created a national furor over pre-adolescent crime until the authorities ready semen in the little misfires panties. They automatically dropped the charges and they did later on secure a confession from an adult male about this case. Now after all of this Cassidy is no longer ab le to be active on the force. They had him reassigned to the Medical examiners Office, and now his job is to obtain confessions from the recently departed.Now in my opinion, I would have told him to pack his stuff and go as farther away from Cook County as possible and he is to never be able to practice law enforcement again. This story also hits home for me as well, my husband was involved in the wrong group of people, and he also lives in Cook County. He was involved in gang invigoration and all of that, something happened (Im not going to go into all the details) but to make a long story short, he also had to advance guilty to something that he did not do and he did the time for it.The depict here is, these boys were false accused and they were scared into a confession that they didnt do but landed them into prison. So I have found out that 76 wrongful convictions in Cook County since the advent of DNA testing, 25 were based ion suspects admitting to crimes they didnt commit , according to the Center on outlaw(a) Convictions at Northwestern University. So now the Englewood Four, as theyve been dubbed, await a decision by the prosecutors whether they will be re-tried or not. These Four men were cleared by DNA evidence that linked the state and the transcription to a career criminal in this particular crime.

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