Friday, October 18, 2019

Case study-Southwest Airlines Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Case study-Southwest Airlines - Essay Example It is a lucid fact that only a satisfied employee can have organizational commitment. ‘Organizational commitment’ is an attitude of an individual with a strong desire to remain a member of a particular organization with willingness to exert high levels of effort on behalf of the organization, accepting the values and goals of the organization. Incidentally, Organizational commitment can be expected only from a satisfied worker and a satisfied worker is always a motivated worker. If there is no conflict between group goals and personal goals of a member in a group, i.e. goals of an employee and an organization in which he/she works are complementary and not contradictory, then the employee is motivated to work for the goals of the company, because, by doing so, he will be achieving his own personal goals. Thus, success of an organization like Southwest Airlines has been on account of the apt application of the various concepts of organizational behaviour like Motivation, Decision Making, Group Behavior, Communication, Power and Politics, Organizational Structure, Organizational Culture, Human Resources Practices and Change Management. These core concepts of Management in Southwest Airlines have been elaborated in this study. Research proves that a motivated and productive employee experiences meaningfulness of the work done, experiences responsibility for the outcome of the work done and has high levels of knowledge of the results of the work performed (Hackman, 1976). Motivation is the core of management. The employee benefits in this organization are designed to balance the dissatisfiers and enhance the motivational factors as described by Herzberg (Fredrick Herzberg, 1959). One of the special benefits offered to employees working at Southwest is flying free effective from the first day of employment. Employees, spouses, eligible dependent children, and parents of Employees have unlimited

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